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Виктория6 years, 6 months

Hey, tell me how to sell your husband's erection, we were fine, but for almost a year it's not more than five minutes, I'm worried because I'm also suffering from it, tell Magic Stuff not to hurt his husband? He's 38 years old, and he's never seen that before, Magic Stuff needs to be taken all the time, and he's got a cure ephect? or take something else?

Victoria, the telega was put in front of the horse!

The question is written in vain, we'll try to figure it out. There's a place to shorten the time of the sexual act, the husband will end sooner without having to bring you to the orgasm. The intensification of the stage of the platoon (the time of return and retaliation of an erected male member of the female vagina) is one of the symptoms of the inflammation of the prostate husband ' s prostate. This is the result of the leakage of the prostate tissue and the elevated inducement.

A man may not arbitrarily control and extend the time from the moment of introduction to the vagina to the seedling. In serious cases, a man who has been instigated ends after one, two frictions or before a member enters the vagina. Magic Stuff will only increase and exacerbate your problem. Magic Stuff is increasing the erection and sexual harassment. The time of the sexual act will be reduced even more.

We need to take the husband to the urologist to the BIONIS medical center on the New City House 25th. Moscow and make the ultrasound prostate on a full bladder. When a prostate is detected, it is advisable to analyse PRCs for hidden sexual infections, which are the main cause of prostate. We need to cure the cause, not the investigation. An urologist can help this situation. Telephones for reception 8 985 222 67 03, 8 499 200 11 35.