Questions about sex and health

Initiated by the normal condition of the member

Андрей5 years, 1 month

In the inspired state, the member will be inverted not to the top but to the bottom, as may affect the sexual act, for both partners. And if it can deliver the disco to the first sex act with a virgin. Member size 17 cm.

Andrei, there are no perfect members. There's always a, maybe a little visible eye, a spark. A full member in the inflated condition may be blurred up, down, on the side. The main point is that the heating angle is not more than 30 degrees.

Otherwise, there might be a sexual problem. As for virgins, the discomfort in the first sexual act will in any case be felt. During the first sexual act, defloration occurs (the rupture of the feminine diarrhoea) so there will be pain, blood and discomfort.