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The glans penis

Алексей4 years, 11 months

Hello, Doctor! I ran into a sexual problem two days ago! I've noticed I can't roll my dick to my head because of the leather pulling. Can you tell me what this is and how to cure it?

Hello, the narrowing of the extreme flesh of a sexual member meets uncut men.

The end flesh is an excess skin covering the head of a penis and protecting it against mechanical damage. There are a large number of nerve ends on the skin of the extreme flesh, creating an extra erogenous area for the man. The extremary flesh produces an ad hoc fat lubricant smear which further protects the soft, thin slim skin of a penis. Therefore, uncut men are elegantly sensitive to the naked head of a penis. This mixture can provide a nutritious breeding ground for bacteria and trigger the inflammation of the extreme flesh of the penis at the uncut male Balanopost. This may happen when the personal hygiene of an outside male genitalia is not respected. Every day, a man needs to pull the extreme flesh of a penis, put his head on and wash it with soap.

This serves as a good prophylactic prophylaxis and even prevention of the cancer of a male sexual member. Arab nations and Jews show total removal of extreme dams (an operation called circumcio) in children ' s age, avoiding inflammatory complications in total water shortages and the inability of a man ' s daily hygienic toilet. Cyrkumzio is also performed by medical evidence, with the narrowing of the extreme flesh of the penis, which prevents the head of a sexual member from being exposed. Circumcio is also used to extend the time of sexual intercourse to men with premature ejaculation, as the erogenic zone is reduced and the head of a sexual member is reduced after the cutting of the extreme flesh. The outbreak of the extreme flesh of a sexual member may also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), for which the BIONIS Medical Centre at Novgorod House 25 in Moscow has a programme to survey the PCD (DNC) of sexual infections.

The value of the Maximum program includes 12 infections, its cost is 1950 roubles. Regrettably, one description cannot accurately diagnose and identify the true cause of the phymosis. It is therefore necessary to visit the urologist of the BIONIS medical centre of ALFA-Clinic, located near the Altoufjevo Metro in Moscow, for examination and examination. When sexually transmitted diseases are detected in a fixed day-care facility, BIONIS, a man is in the course of anti-inflammatory therapy.

If the phymosis, the narrowing of the extreme dam requires a circumcision operation, the BIONIS Medical Centre in Moscow conducts this operation with experienced urologists with excellent cosmetics. The admission to the BIONIS Medical Centre can be accessed by telephones 8 (499) 200 11 35; 8 (495) 222 67 03 the Registrar works from 10 to 20 hours without a weekend. For consultations with a doctor, please call 8 (495) 478 26 70; 8 (985) 478 26 70 24 hours a day, no rest and holidays. The BIONIS medical center has its own parking space of 15 machines, which is very convenient for drivers. Always happy to help you!