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I don't know.

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What can I not know about my dick?

He has his own mind.

You must have noticed that sometimes a member is very independent. Well, not in the sense that he lives on his own life and has a separate page on Connect. He's not running around town on a mouse, as he was in the blessed South Park. But you probably remember cases where the erection was completely inappropriate when the iPhone barely fell out of his pants pocket, so he was driven out of his pants.
Alas, it's true! You can't control your dick as you run your feet and your hands. It's just a few more teams for a member than for a tongue or fingers of hands. The member is controlled by that part of the nervous system that is not always under conscious control, so it is called an autonomous nervous system. It also regulates cardiovascular norms, blood pressure levels and breathing muscles.
So, we confirmed on our own experience that sexual initiation is usually not voluntary. It replaces the distraction: in many cases, the instigation takes place in a sympathetic nervous system without your fantasy. In addition, an erection can lead to brain impulses during a fast sleep phase, whether you think about sex or forget to do something at work, you raise gravity or you want to do something big, all of which can cause erection.
As a non-responsive member sometimes grows, he sometimes squeezes by his own desire, much. This may happen, for example, because of cold water or air, again the function of a sympathetic nervous system. Psychological stress also affects her with a cold shower effect. You must have noticed that when you're relaxed and feeling well, a dick looks more than you're tense and thinking about the world economic crisis.
Penis is sort of a barometer of a sympathetic nervous system. But remember, sympathic! I mean, it's not a reason to put him outside the window to measure atmospheric pressure.

"Nos is a potato member with a garmoshka, a nose with a horbin, a member of a bat.”

or attempt to equate for many members.
There is no fixed ratio between the size of a relaxed and erected member.
The study showed that the erection of a member alters its length from inch to more than nine centimetres.
But whatever clinical research, the openings made in the locker room can be even bigger. A large member of that handsome can become even more when he gets up and a guy who looks tiny may be a real " vigilante " .
For example, an analysis of more than 1,000 measurements by Alfred Kinsey, a researcher, showed that short penis could double, like larger penises. The Kizi data also show that about 12 per cent of penis increases by one third during the erection, and about 7 per cent double.

Boomerang in his pants.

Your dick really looks like a boomerang! As Prince Bolkonski has not seen, the whole oak, and only his terrestrial part, is not visible and the " root " penis hidden in the pelvis attached to the frontal bone.
One of the French researchers who studied men and women who have sex inside a magnetic resonant scanner.
By the way, there is a method of surgical expansion of the penis, which consists of the narrowing of the connection, which is the root of the member inside the pelvis. This operation can give some men a little longer than the extra length if a portion of the penis is removed from the patient's very flesh. But this, unfortunately, has side effects. The so-called supporting link makes the erection very strong, and the cock is firm. Since this link has been tightened, an erected member loses the " upstream " and is being made unsustainable in its very foundations. And losing resilience can cause trauma...

You can break it!

There is no black bone, but you can really break your dick. And it's not from the lungs. When it happens, you can hear cotton or even crack. Then the penis is covered by dark stains and bruises, and the man suffers terrible pain...
However, such fractures are rare and take advantage of young men because they have a very strong erection.
To avoid the danger of a fracture, don't use the cock too rude!
And when you're old-fashioned, you'll be hunted by Peyroni. It occurs indirectly and most often in older men. Their erection may not be strong, but still good enough for sex. Now, if a member of the older sponsor is sparking in a special way during sex, small tissue wounds can shape scars, and all together they can give a member an unnaturally inverted form.
But not all the curved penis has problems with their owners. There are, as in sex, different " versions of the rules " .

Most members in the world are uncut.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in the world only 30 per cent of men aged 15 and over are cut.
Country assessments vary according to the religion and nationality of the researchers. Almost all Jews and Muslims have " processed " members and together account for about 70 per cent of all male circumcisions.
According to WHO data for 2007, Russia has less than 20 per cent of male circumcisions. Although it should be noted that this is the practice of circumcision of newborns, that is, boys - these 20 per cent do not include men who have circumcised in mature age (for medical, religious or other reasons).
In fact, the practice of circumcision raises many professional disputes. One of the reasons for this is that of WHO and UNAIDS is to reduce the risk of HIV infection among adult men.
Well, now, hopefully, you'll be more careful not to just send a cock. Even if someone really hurt you. Your Ivanovich is not just a member but a very important member of your body.