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Types of members

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What kinds of penis exist?

There are five types of male members.
In the east, a man's penis is much more beautiful: a non-fried rod, for example.
According to Dao, the appearance of the member and the quality of the sperm determine the verse: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood

If the Metal dominates.

A member of this man is long and muscular, a head is big, butcher, bright.
For sex with a man whose member is under the patronage of Metall, there is no need for any lubrication: the head of such a member makes a transparent secret like saliva.
This saliva is very useful to a woman ' s body: it strengthens her immune system.
The sperm of “metal” men treats the kidneys of a woman and removes her from urine bubble disease.
A man with a " metal " member during sex never speaks, even if he doesn't.

Under the patronage of the Water

If a man under the patronage of the water is prepared for oral sex, it's the favorite entertainment of a man's water.
A man with a " water member " can be distinguished by his head: he has a flat, wide, barely visible ring at the base.
The lubrication made during the sexual act is sperm and very desirable for women with endocrine disorders.
Men with a water member love sex in nature and in the light of the day. They really like role-playing, especially if a girl is actively seducing an intrusive hero.


External: thin, with not a bright head and soft rim.
The secret is like sweat and very useful to women with blood system diseases. It's just anaemia.
A man with a " wooden " member does not like sex with a long prelude, prefers to move quickly to the point of fact. But it's not for him to have sex in a dirty drive. " Everything must be beautiful " , the main plant of the " male tree " and its member.
A man with a wooden member rarely agrees to sex to relieve stress, intuitively feeling that his sperm at this point is not a good quality. But the mood can change quickly if we offer the Trevous aromatic oils and sorrows.
The " ancient " member defines and the gastronomical preferences of men: such guys love citrus fruit.

If a member is under fire protection.

Oh, men with " rotten " members can be proud of their friendship. The head of an " wounded " member is sharp and looks very intriguing. The secret of the " wounded " member looks like a viscosity and is very useful to the women ' s digestive system.
The sperm of the fire also has a characteristic species and taste - it's hot, rose-coloured, bitter.
But this sperm can't be used as a face mask (a very popular cosmetological procedure, by the way, pure protein) - because of its extinguishing qualities, such sperm can cause allergy.
A man with a " wounded " member is very fond of the initiative in bed, dominating sex. Especially an intimidated cock if the candles are burning next to the bed!
The love of a fireman is the race.


Earth's poem gave men a cock with a strong, fat head and a fat ring at the base. The penis body is relayed often with well-marked veins.
A man with a member like Earth is a shameless man. He practically has no restrictions. Your sperm Earth can be proud: it has sweet taste and a pleasant aromat.
But to preserve the quality of sperm, a man needs to pay a lot of attention to physical exercises. And make rice, green tea and red wine.