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ManuscriptsManuscripts Increase programmes Increase programmes You'll have to read all our instructions before you start any exercises or technicians to increase the penis to understand their specificity and consistency, as well as the possible undesirable consequences that may be caused by the consequences The wrong execution. Don't try anything until you're fully aware of the information.It's … More detailed...

Baba2 years, 7 months

No real comment here, I think.

Азат4 years, 7 monthsIt's okay, but there's no picture. It doesn't make sense. Add pictures or better videos.
Виктор5 years, 11 months

I've added a few cm in length and width for just a year and now I've reached normal penis size. These exercises will help you not only increase the size of the penis, but always be in shape. I feel better when I'm training or running, it's about penis exercise. And that's one of the many benefits!

Виктор6 years, 6 monthsInteresting subject, you can even try and https:/ /
Frol7 years

This program has all the information on how to make your dick healthy, strong and, yes, big. I've been far from new, a combination of literate exercises and understandable explanations has helped me correct some of the training mistakes. After that, I was able to make great progress!

Thank you!

Виктор7 years, 9 monthsI need a Jealk to maintain an erection and increase the diameter (some too much) as after sex and especially the hamsters, the parking lot has become weak, and after three weeks of jellyfish, I've even changed the angle of erection, I'm upside down, and I'm afraid that after all these stretches, there's a woman who said that I'd be a long time. Maybe who knows how long it's been to build up and erection not to kill?
Антон8 years, 3 monthsIt's a total fraud. That the nature of the world doesn't change that. Yeah, you can get silicone, pull a little surgically, but the hardness and standing will never be that exact.
Т П Татарашвили8 years, 10 months

A member's head is believed to be the part that needs to be increased most, because it's the first part of your member that your partner feels. Based on the above, the keguel is the first and most important exercise you'll learn.

If you want to do one exercise, it'll be Keguel's exercise. Kegel's exercises are very simple, they don't take much time, and they're the only exercises that don't include a member's training, instead of training your skeletal muscles.

Андрей9 years, 2 monthsYeah, it's possible, there's a certain type of muscle in the cock, like in the heart, so training and building the muscle mass of a member is real!