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No seedNo seed Endless sex Twenty years ago, the definition of premature sequencing had very clear parameters: everything that lasted less than two minutes automatically made you a man with sexual problems. A little later, the attitude towards premature seeding has changed somewhat, only when a man in 50 per cent of cases fails to control the seeding … More detailed...

Иван4 years, 5 months

Citata Vu Seung- The method of locking is like trying to stop the hand of the Yellow River. An impatient man would need to be examined for more than 20 days. A more calm person can study it much faster, usually 10 days. Carefully study this method for about a month, and then the precious treasures of a man (semia, gin) will be perfectly safe. The advantage of locking the ease of execution. For example, if a man performs a stage of three small and one deep thread, he can close his eyes, mouth and breathe deep, but calmly through his nose, so he won't breathe. When he feels that he may soon lose control, he may, by one speed, lift his waist and remove the non-fritish peak to one inch or more and remain in such a position without movement. Then he can deepen the diaphragm and, at the same time, pull his stomach down, as if he controlled himself while searching the toilet. Thinking of the importance of keeping his oath and that it cannot be spent in abundant manner, he will calm down with deep breath. Then he can try again.

It's important to remember that he has to retreat as soon as he wakes up. If he retreats to a very excited and tries to take his gin back, the hut will no longer return, but instead he will enter his bubble or even his kidneys.

If that happens, he may suffer from certain diseases, such as bubble pain and thin whale, or kidney pain. In conclusion, the braking method is excellent, but we must practice it as soon as we feel awake. It's much better to back off too soon than it's too late. By using this method, a man will be able to control his ejaculation even with convenience, for he will not let his non-fritish peak even fall. That's how he keeps his energy and he's gonna feel great. And he doesn't have to twist his dick until he makes 5,000 points. The combination of the braking method with deep diaphragm breathing will be able to continue almost indefinitely. Then it won't be too hard for him to satisfy 10 women overnight.

Frol4 years, 10 months
About sex without ejaculation, it's a great thing, I'm probably 20 years old, and I'm 18 years yoga, I'm 46 years old, my friend, 25. All right. I don't know what it's like, and I don't know what kind of shit I've got at work. We've got a full medical examination every year. All right, so don't be afraid. With a force closure during an orgasm, the sperm stays in the system, and after an orgasm, the body is absorbed. with 60 per cent to 70 per cent of the energy supply, compared with normal ejaculation. Ejaculation is just a habit, trust experience. To statues, it's not so hard to get away from this woman. There's definitely some "sperm." Vedah says that sperm sperm production is used by STAKAN for blood.
Станислав5 years, 8 months

As far as I'm concerned, if I learn to push certain muscles in the cock, you can avoid ejaculation in an orgasm.

I thought I'd check it out in practice without a girl. As the porn used to do, at the final moment, he tried to hide all the muscles from the pit to the press (if anyone doesn't know, the muscles must be controlled, too, often we try to hide one muscle, push all the muscles in a certain area - the extra muscles are called the atonosist muscles, can read why and how). For the first time, only a little lubricant (transparent liquid) was earmarked for the purity of the experiment, and for the second time there was nothing. It feels the same, but it doesn't ejaculate. I don't know where the sperm went yet, and I'm looking for an infu about it, but she certainly didn't get to the urinating channel.

I was very interested in the subject, namely, whether it's safe, how to train exactly what you need and what muscles it is. ♪ ♪

Maybe there's literature or something that tells me about it. I'm thinking about going to the urologist and asking, so I'm gonna tell you firsthand information. The books about a Dao Lubvi say you can do that, but you have to do it about two times a month by the usual method. In the same book, the frequency of sex can be normal for up to one day. In the words that sperm is transformed into a solid sediment is unlikely, because we're 80 percent of the water and we're making a firm team-on-Gene code. To dig an turf about this, it made a film about telegonia, and the uncle said, "orgasm and seeding, it's different things, the glory with every seed, the man loses a year of life."

жора6 years, 9 monthsThat's what I was thinking.
Ruslan7 years, 9 monthsWhat do you do if you didn't? Couldn't you be so orgasm and not end? Actually, it's tempting, but it doesn't understand how to get it, what exercises and so on.
Анатолий7 years, 11 months
What sexologists think is G. Vasilchenko, S. Agarkov, 1. Relative acceleration when the seedling comes before an orgasm becomes available to a woman, although from the moment of the immission to the eyakuation, at least a minute passes and a man produces at least 20 to 25 frictions. 2. Absolute acceleration of ejaculation when the copulative phase is less than 20 frictions. 3. The seeding of the sexual act, but before the introduction of a sexual member in the vagina. 4. Delayed ejaculation when the sexual act is lengthy, sometimes involuntary; the extreme degree of the detainee ' s ejaculation is an anaeyaulative phenomenon where ejaculation does not occur at all. Maybe someone who doesn't have the wrong ejaculation type?