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Анатолий8 years, 3 months
What sexologists think is G. Vasilchenko, S. Agarkov, 1. Relative acceleration when the seedling comes before an orgasm becomes available to a woman, although from the moment of the immission to the eyakuation, at least a minute passes and a man produces at least 20 to 25 frictions. 2. Absolute acceleration of ejaculation when the copulative phase is less than 20 frictions. 3. The seeding of the sexual act, but before the introduction of a sexual member in the vagina. 4. Delayed ejaculation when the sexual act is lengthy, sometimes involuntary; the extreme degree of the detainee ' s ejaculation is an anaeyaulative phenomenon where ejaculation does not occur at all. Maybe someone who doesn't have the wrong ejaculation type?

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No seedNo seed Endless sex Twenty years ago, the definition of premature sequencing had very clear parameters: everything that lasted less than two minutes automatically made you a man with sexual problems. A little later, the attitude towards premature seeding has changed somewhat, only when a man in 50 per cent of cases fails to control the seeding … More detailed...