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As far as I'm concerned, if I learn to push certain muscles in the cock, you can avoid ejaculation in an orgasm.

I thought I'd check it out in practice without a girl. As the porn used to do, at the final moment, he tried to hide all the muscles from the pit to the press (if anyone doesn't know, the muscles must be controlled, too, often we try to hide one muscle, push all the muscles in a certain area - the extra muscles are called the atonosist muscles, can read why and how). For the first time, only a little lubricant (transparent liquid) was earmarked for the purity of the experiment, and for the second time there was nothing. It feels the same, but it doesn't ejaculate. I don't know where the sperm went yet, and I'm looking for an infu about it, but she certainly didn't get to the urinating channel.

I was very interested in the subject, namely, whether it's safe, how to train exactly what you need and what muscles it is. ♪ ♪

Maybe there's literature or something that tells me about it. I'm thinking about going to the urologist and asking, so I'm gonna tell you firsthand information. The books about a Dao Lubvi say you can do that, but you have to do it about two times a month by the usual method. In the same book, the frequency of sex can be normal for up to one day. In the words that sperm is transformed into a solid sediment is unlikely, because we're 80 percent of the water and we're making a firm team-on-Gene code. To dig an turf about this, it made a film about telegonia, and the uncle said, "orgasm and seeding, it's different things, the glory with every seed, the man loses a year of life."

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