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Анатолий7 years, 2 months

Hello. I've got a big problem, I've got a cock in a 9-cm erection mode, and I don't know how to enlarge my dick. Please.
Dear Anatoly, diagnosed micropenis shall be diagnosed with a member of the sex in a condition less than 8 cm erection. Of the drugs to increase men ' s dignity, we recommend the use of Vig Rx plus courses for four months with two months ' breaks prior to the desired effect. The use of a drug against the use of naturally increasing penis (Jelking) and a vacuum massage of a sexual member on the Matrix-Urologist machine at the BIONIS health centre on New City House 25 in Moscow near the Altoufjevo Metro will make it possible to achieve the targets more quickly in length and thickness of a sexual member. Telephone for recording procedures 8 985 774 81 56. It is recommended that a daily dose of Vig Rx plus be accepted within 2 hours.