Questions about sex and health


Виктор7 years, 5 months

Hello. After the birth of a second child, my wife and I haven't had sex for more than three months, now that everything has become a semester, it takes a few touches during the prelude. Why? What do we do?

Dear Victor, you have a picture of premature ejaculation. Because of the lack of sex for three months, the prostate tissue has been stubborn in the outflows and the stroms have developed a picture of the stalemate. Prostatic juice, as a sample, smashed the flow and broke the normal drainage function. The prostate cannot maintain the stage of the platoon during sexual intercourse and is emptied at the time of sexual initiation.

You need to go through the prostate massage. The number of procedures between 10 and 15 will be more accurately shown by the UZI at the BIONIS medical centre on the Novgorod House 25 near the Altoufjevo Metro. The value of SLM is 550°. 2 hours prior to the SLM, it is recommended that no urination be urinated, as the ugliness test is carried out in parallel (no residual urine after urine is checked). The mass of the prostate allows for the removal and improvement of microcirculation in the tissues of the prostate, the restoration of the normal duration of the sexual act. Recorded to the BIONIS Medical Centre and consulted by telephone 8 985 774 81 56.