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Morning erection

Александр Бойко7 years, 4 months

Good day! I really hope for your help to determine what happened. The thing is, during the morning erection, there was something snooping at the founding of a member. It's been over a month. The erection and the seeding of the erection didn't affect it, the head sensitivity remained the same. But there's been a nice feeling of erection. What does that have to do with it? And can it all recover? Thank you.

Good afternoon! The crucifix on the basis of a sexual member may be associated with the plug of a white shell, which is burial as a stocking. More scrutinizing on the basis of an erected member who is in a position to instigate a sexual member. During the erection, the corrosive bodies of a sexual member are filled with blood and the white shell has great strains on the planting. The penis shall be increased in length and thickness.

The squirrel is called a fracture of a penis. There's nothing more to do with a sexual penis, because there's no bone in it. Sounds threatening, but it's a threatening symptom that can't be ignored in any case. In serious cases, hematoma may be formed and prompt intervention is required. Very often, the gunshot wounds of an erected sexual member are inflicted by a man with severe sex, a breakdown of the reproduction exercise.

In your case, a sexual penis must be made at the BIONIS Medical Centre on the New City of 25 in Moscow. The SLM determines the place of injury of a sexual member and the degree of the defect of a white sheath or rupture. If there's a breakthrough, it might be necessary to re-establish the integrity of the white casing. Conservative therapy, which may last between 3 and 6 months, is provided in the plug. This time is necessary for the complete formation of the rubber tissue in the area of damage. Contemporary drugs allow the complete restoration of anatomy and the function of a sexual member. You can sign up for the reception on 8 (495)774 81 56; 8 (985) 774 81 56. With respect, the BIONIS medical center of the Novgorod House 25 city of Moscow.