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Настя7 years, 1 month

Hello! I'm concerned about the question: when a young man and I do a sexual act when we enter the vagina, his dick doesn't always come first, then two, three times hard, and I don't have a nice feeling, and then when everything goes well, nothing bothers the end of the sexual act! What does it feel like when you come in?

Dear Nastya, everything comes with experience. This used to be a passive role for a woman during a sexual act (recognized only by her womb) and any act of activity led to suspicion of being corrupt. With the beginning of a sexual life, a girl who has no experience of sexual life can not completely relax pain and discomfort during the introduction of a sexual member. In serious cases, there is a spasm of the vagina superstition, which makes it impossible to introduce a sexual member and to have sexual contact - a condition called vagina.

Without the help of gynaecologists in such cases, a girl cannot handle herself. It's important to have sex experience that a girl receives during her first sexual intercourse, when a defloration occurs, a rupture of a virgin. Pain and bleeding, rude, without pre-screen, a violent sexual partner's behavior can cause psychological trauma for the rest of his life. Frequently asked about the compatibility of the sexual organs, complained about the size of the sex penis, the fear and panic of an errected penis. Know that 90 per cent of couples are fully compatible with the size of the sexual organs.

This is facilitated by the good muscles of the pelvis, because during the birth, a healthy woman with no ruptures for a minute giving birth to a child with a head diameter of 10 cm. It's still a very important moment of the partner's pre-screen and tactics during sex. Regrettably, this period of time does not pay attention to the man.

In the case of an average sexual act of 5 to 15 minutes, the necessary adultery (wetting of slime spectacles and vagina walls) needs to be doubled. This problem is being addressed easily by the use of a variety of intimidants, which the modern pharmaceutical industry produces many. There's just lubricants, there's anesthetic or vice versa, antibacterial effects. Don't be shy to find the right lover. Also, Nastya, there's nothing to be disgraceful and dissuasive if you guide and show your boyfriend's friend. Contemporary stereotyping, marked by porno-industry, creates a form of dissolved, sex-provoking sex, always thirsty, both vaginal and anal, male. At the same time, males always receive 100% pleasure and orgasm. Typically, sex appetite comes to a woman by 30 years or after delivery, and there's nothing pathological about it. Orgasm is a woman's business, her ability to retrieve, to trust a partner, to get in one piece with him. In time, this ability will come.