Questions about sex and health


Иван6 years, 10 months

Doctor, I have a problem with the size of a penis. In normal condition, the penis reaches a length of about 6 cm. 12-13, is that normal? 15 years old?

Ivan, 12-13 cm long of inspired sex penis is normal. In ancient Greece, this size of the penis was a gold standard. Take into account, your system is still undergoing intense growth.

The increase in skeleton will be completed by 25 years, and the size of the sex will increase throughout the active sex life. With regard to optical illusions: with the right attitude of any man, a sexual giant with huge sexual organs can be made.

There's no reason in porn films, the camera is directed down to the intermediary and sexual organs of the porn. The same optical illusion occurs in museums, antique gods ' genitals are accessible from the bottom to the bottom and seem more powerful than they really are. There are no grounds for concern, Ivan. Live and enjoy life.