Questions about sex and health


Юлия7 years

Hello. I have a problem: my partner and I don't have the perfect sex compatibility. Can you please tell me if there's anything without an operating method to reduce the vagina size? Since we're not often dating, we're interested in the same short-term options, that is, 2-3 days.

Dear Julia, The problem of sexual incompatibility among partners is very rare.

The average sex ratios of 90 per cent of couples are fully compatible. In only 3 per cent of cases, the dimensions of man ' s dignity are significantly higher than the average statistical values of length and thickness or significantly lower than the standard.

Loved sex partners always find compromises. In your case, the incompatibility of the thoughtful. Even if a woman has a lot of birth, a heroin mother with a big, dark vagina, a partner with a humble size of a penis, even in this case, she'll enjoy herself and give her pleasure to her partner. The skilled mistress owns intimacy muscles and makes miracles in bed during the sexual act. You can't narrow the vagina walls arbitrarily. Your assistant will be the muscles of the pelvis. These muscles cover the vagina belief as a ring.

Rhythmically, by reducing them during sexual intercourse, in the backward movement of a sexual member, an experienced partner is ideally placed under any anatomic characteristics of a sexual partner. It's easy to feel those muscles. Burn them during the urination and defection. By training them, you'll learn to always be up.