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Itchy pain

Алексей6 years, 10 months

Good afternoon. I'm interested in what kind of question I've been doing with masturbation for 16 years, about once a day, no sexual contact. But once a month, there's a problem after the seeding of the eruption begins with a weak cloaking around the head on the right side of the cut. There's no harm to urination. There's no pain. There's nothing on the pressure. After sleep, the pain passes. Calling your parents is embarrassing. Maybe we should reduce the number once? And when I'm masturbating, I'm very often inclined. And then I'm done. Waiting for your answer to Alexei. Thank you.

Don't worry, Alexei.

Probably nothing serious. Most men experience similar feelings from time to time.

They appear more often after masturbation than after a full sexual act. Your self-defense is perfectly normal. Try to reduce the number of times (up to 3-4 per week).