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Testesterone, what's the influence of a man's body?

Ольга6 years, 9 months

You've got Semenax on your website, one of the advantages is to upgrade the testosterone. What does it matter to a man?

First, under the influence of the testosterone, there is a normal development of the sexual organs of a male member of the sex, eggs, progeny (which, in fact, distinguishes it from a woman) and the emergence of so-called secondary sexual signs - the growth of the hair on the face and the body, the characteristic revolt of the frontal area. In addition, the hormonal influences the education and normal shrivelling of bones, with the testosteron closing the bone growth areas in time. The skin condition is also directly related to the testosterone, as it operates the steel.

Testesterone has an impact on certain parts of the brain, resulting in sexual activity (libido), not only for men but also for women. Normal erection is also ensured with the active participation of the testosterone: it has been proved that the carpet bodies are fully relaxed, and the testosterone contributes to the normal blood of the constituency.