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Penis length

Георг6 years, 4 months

Hello, Doctor!I am 16 years old, and the length of my penis is 15 cm, is this the normal length?? what should be taken from food that would increase the penis!or what do you recommend!!?? thanks

Honourable Georgia, you're at the beginning of the path of sexual abuse. Remember, a man's penis grows both long and wide throughout his life, like ears. There's no bones and muscle tissue in the penis, it's more juridical and connective. The size of your sex penis at 16, and... for example, at 40 years, will be very different from the increase.

The length of a sex penis of 15 cm has 85 per cent of men, the average size of the penis of the Europeans. The mongoloid race has less, a little more in the non-groide race. There's absolutely no reason for doubt. But there's no limit to perfection-- you can take VigRX once a year, which, coupled with physioprocedures (LOD therapy) at BIONIS, will please you both the increase in length and the thickness of the penis and increase your sexual self-esteem. Telephones for recording 8 985 774 81 56, 8 499 200 11 35.