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How do I treat my family with an eruption without medical intervention?

Кирилл6 years, 3 months

I can't keep it in the shape of the body's head or when I touch my girlfriend that I can't put my cock in the vagina.
You didn't indicate your age, Kirill. If you're a teenager who has no experience of sexual life who only practices a chastity petting with her favorite girl, premature ejaculation is an option. Hypervasion, night Pollusions, premature ejaculation is a mirror of an elevated hormonal background in the young. If you're a sexy, formed man, premature ejaculation is the reason to go to the BIONIS Medical Centre on New City House 25 in Moscow. You don't need a doctor. The comprehensive survey program at the BIONIS health center of the ALFA-Clinic, near the Altoufjevo Metro, reveals the cause of premature ejaculation and develops a plan to address the problem. All necessary equipment and laboratory facilities are available. You can sign up for the reception on 8 ( 499) 200 11 35, 8 ( 495) 222 67 03, 8 ( 985) 222 67 03. Always happy to help you.