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Hand-held sexual penis

Василий5 years, 10 months

Hello, Doctor, after three weeks of jellyfish exercise, I've changed my erection angle to stand up, and I'm afraid that after all these stretches, the penis won't come up, even my girlfriend said that I'm more excited now, that I'm long gone. Maybe you know how long it's normal to build up, and the erection doesn't kill?

Vasiliya, in your case, there has been a gross violation of the safety equipment, with the independent performance of the manuscript of the hand-held penis. A male penis has a complex anatomical structure that includes both a vascular and spongeitic body and a connective (white shell and skin of a sexual member). These tissues of a sexual member are easily traumatized in the incorrect performance of the dowry machine. The bruises, sieves, petehy haemorrhage-- these superficial injuries are cured and do not leave visible damage to the penis in the future.

Special stray comrades who seek to obtain an instant visible result in order to increase the length and thickness of a sexual member shall bring it to the fracture of a member ' s stem (white of a sexual member) followed by anatomy (crimination, deformation of the penis) and the function of a sexual member (destruct and cover of a man) These consequences of the incorrect technician of a sex penis can remain for life. From your question, Vasili, it is clear that you are at the initial stage of magnum technology to increase the length of the penis. You're still a student. At the BIONIS medical center on New City 25th Street in Moscow, you'll be able to get a qualified urologist consultation. He will select your optimum program, which will not only yield visible cosmetic results (length and thickness of a sex member), but also increase your sexual elevation (libido, sexual intercourse, orgasm force, sex frequency, erection). There's no way you can ever jump from the primary level of sexual penetration to advanced. Pharmacological support should be used in the implementation of the sex promotion programme.

Preparates VIG-RX and VIG-RX plus, with the manuum method of increasing the penetration of the penis and carrying out a vacuum increase in the sexual penetration at the BIONIS Medical Centre, are applied according to a special scheme, thus achieving the best result. You can be consulted on a program for the promotion of a sexual member, by telephone 8 495 774 81 56, 8 985 774 81 56 at your convenient time.