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Аркадий5 years, 9 months

In a few days, we'll have to go to the military station for a survey. I'm 15 years old. My cock's in good condition 10 cm. It looks like he's little. Do I have something to be shy or not?
Honourable Arkady, 10 cm in a state of peace with a very good point. In 5 per cent of men, this figure is achieved only in the condition of erection, the degree of extreme sexual initiation. In order to completely eliminate doubts about the length of your sexual penis, you are advised to visit the public bath and to make sure that your fears are unfounded. Go to the military station. All the more, no one's gonna take off your cowards, and your penis is going to be delicately examined only by a urologist in a separate office, without an eye. You have nothing to be ashamed of.