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Über das Medikament "Santi"

Сергей Иванов5 years, 3 months

Hello, please tell me. What are the side effects of the drug "Santi"? How exactly they manifest themselves. What negative consequences can there be if you take "Santi", but do not perform sexual intercourse later? And after what time, after taking "Santi", can I take it again? Thank you.

Dear Sergei, Santi ' s drug is biologically active and does not contain artificial, chemical components. Unlike chemical analogues (the phosphodiasterasi-Viagra, sialis et al. inhibitors) contribute not only to a powerful erection, to a refractural phase (the possibility of repetition), but also to increased sexual abuse at a psychological level, the whole world is decorated into sexual paint.

At the same time, Santi's drug is not controlled. The erection occurs in the sexual stimulation and desire of a man. It takes 1 hour to pre-supposed sexual act from 1 to 3 capsules. If there was no sexual act (partner's stunning) there's nothing to worry about, but in any case, sexual initiation can always be removed by masturbation. Men suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertonic illnesses, who have a myokard infarction from Santi's drug, should rather refrain from sin. Although dying in a lover was always considered cool for a man.