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Dishcomfort in urine bubble

Любовь Маричева5 years

My husband (33 years old) is a discomfort in a urine bubble (sorry) from a young man. We've been through a lot of doctors and clinics, all possible tests and surveys have never revealed anything. Discomfort became a natural state. At times, there are worsenings mainly in the taking of acute or sour foods (socks, wines) practically always after the sexual act. There's a severe pain in the urine bubble that's going 15-20 minutes. Plus almost always interrupted urination. 4 days ago, the discomfort (as in the cystic) intensified and kept quiet... What can it be? How to remove the symptoms? It's very similar to the internity cystic, but there's absolutely no calls to the toilet, pelvic pains, and urination relief.

If the analyses (DNC-PCR, rather than a mere flora smear) after the pharmacological provocation, the sterile, no extended, steep and adenoms on the SLM- there is a hyperactive bladder. Also, these symptoms are observed in the aseptic, abacterial chronic prostate. We hope you didn't forget to examine yourself as a sex partner and no hidden sexual infections. Sustained, abacterial prostate can lead to seating, unregulated sexuality and the abuse of food in the rich extraactive substances. The hyperactive bladder occurs under chronic stress, underspending, lack of vitamins of group B.

At the BIONIS Medical Centre, New City 25, Moscow City, the patient ' s hospital is in the course of physiotherapy, which includes the effects of several physical factors. In the bathing suit, it creates a synergistic effect to restore normal inertia of the urine bubble walls and microcirculation of the small pelvis of a man.

The BIONIS Medical Center works without weekends and holidays, which is very convenient for working patients. You can sign up for the reception on 8 (499) 200 11 35; 8 (495) 222 67 03. 24 hours a day, 774 81 56. There's a home parking lot on 15 machines, which is very convenient for patients behind the wheel. Always happy to help you.