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Women don't like sex.

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Why don't women like sex?

Thousands of men must be confused when they write another half-greed beauty on the dating website: 'Hi, I'm inviting you to the sauna!' - and they're getting an answer: 'Get down!'

Thousands of men don't get smart when you write a sympathetic screaming from the picture: 'Hi, bunny! Let's meet now, we'll have a great time. Thousands of men don't get smart when they write another cute, sober up against the back of the carpet: 'Hi, let me come to you now!' - get in the direction where men should go, and that's not the address of the apartment.
Men don't understand why if she's throwing a tit and a scissor, if she's staring at the camera, if she's lying in a tomb on the sand, why the hell doesn't she agree to fuck?

Right away. And what the hell was it to make those legs?
The trouble is, when you want a woman, you go to her with your man's vision of the world, believing that she thinks the same thing, and you'll get the denial. It's because you've never been told the truth.

Women don't like sex. Yeah. Women don't look at sex like men do.

But women don't talk about it. They don't talk like partisans. 'Cause they've been the victims of sexuality propaganda in your man's world. If a woman suddenly decides to say out loud that having sex for her in the fifth place after her partner's mental intimacy, emotional satisfaction, communication, and pleasure from new clothes, she'll be considered frigid. That's why we're not talking about it. Because you don't care.

Women will be outraged.

One says, 'This is bullshit! I love sex! Men, don't be mad, that's not true.

She says it to keep you from looking frigid. 'Cause sex propaganda's coming from everywhere, and even admitting to yourself that sex doesn't give pleasure on its own, but only to a man who's emotionally close to is uncomfortable even to himself, and everybody is stupid. Because it's a man's world.
The second will say, 'It's not true! I like to fuck more than buy a new bra. Men, don't get mad is bullshit. If you come to her and offer her a choice, or sex or shopping, she'll choose the second. Of course, provided she doesn't love you. Maybe even if he does.
The third says, "What the hell is Kat writing? Women need sex like that! Yeah, women get an orgasm. But men, don't give a shit about getting it. Because a woman gets an orgasm from your shit and her own relationship to you.

Women often do you a favor by agreeing to a third date to bed with you.

Sometimes they do it just because for the third time, it's time.

That's what they write in all the magazines.

Yeah. Otherwise, a man can evaporate, searching for more frightening charitable ladies.
And if you say, "Hey, beautiful! Come here. I'm smart. It'll be great. Just because I don't know him yet. Just because my brain hasn't gotten up on it yet. And she's really not gonna be okay with you. Until she's emotionally close to you. Even if you're very clever. Because the whole orgasm is in her head. And I need the stars to come along. She won't get an orgasm from the clean mechanics of retaliation. Unlike you. By masturbating, he'll get to fuck you with little knowledge.
If women liked sex the same way, there'd be a bunch of magazines in the newspapers for women, filled with males on cover. And women, too, insignificant, would take them to the bathroom and shower. But somehow, even on a lady's reader, they print pictures of beautifully painted fashions. And women are not offended by this seemingly injustice. They don't give a shit about inflated painters and their sex opportunities. They're not interested in sex on their own - where it's more interesting to know the price of a new Pudrey from Dior.

If women loved sex the same way, there would be a mass opening of pick-up schools for women, and the main theme of the training would be, "how to get ten men into bed in a week." Hey, where are these schools? They're not. And the only pathetic things that have been created on the wave of fashion, and called "Friends of the pickup for women" are teaching how to enter the only loyal male in their networks. Then what's the pickup?
Not that I... There wouldn't be any schools.

Because even male pickup schools would have to close.

Women would have given it so easily and simple. It's important to be nice, and with the same legs.
If women look at sex as easy and easy as you, on dating sites, there would be a full-grandfat lady who agrees to fuck with almost anyone who's gonna offer, if he's a little bit cute. I emphasize, almost anyone that men do, sending out dozens of cute girls: 'Hi, let's have sex!'

Any ladies like that?

Who are willing to just come here doesn't matter to whom, just fuck and just leave?

I'll tell you, without sucking a bottle of red-lebla in front of this one face, and 'on the ass, adventures', like, sober?

Come and go.

You got one?


Two or three for a hundred.
If women looked at sex the same way, the number of prostitutes and male prostitutes would be the same.

Where are these men prostitutes?

A lot of them?

Yeah, they're somewhere.

But they're hundreds less than women's prostitutes.

It's just because they don't use a special demand.

Women don't care about sex at "sleep" level.

There's nothing we can do. No-one.
Women need sex. But you don't need him like you do. Women love orgasm, but this need and love is somewhere in the fifth place after...
Yeah, she might want you because you have a beautiful ass and a sexy look.

Hypothetically. But if you tell her at this point, "Hey, beautiful, fuck you"?

'Cause she wants me to be theoretical, 'cause if that handsome man was after me, that's if that handsome man had conquered me, that's if... then I...'
Yeah, we're looking at porn, and even masturbating.

Yeah, yeah, almost everything. But if a hungry man offers a cute long-distance beauty at this moment, he'll be happy.

A woman, if at this point a blue-eyed stranger calls the door and offers sex, she'll start reflexing, "What next, and I don't know him at all."

And the boobs that a minute ago were a little bit of a show on the screen, they're gonna be instant.

Women don't care about that sex if there's more fun.

Yeah, she showed her legs. Yeah, she's watching the ton. But it's not to drag the first one to his bed. The first match is a stranger. She's just showing how she can be with you if she likes you. I stress for the stupid and the ugliest, not just the appearance and the figure, but emotionally and mentally, you take her charm, or unexpectedly collapsing biochemists.
And as long as you're as oppressed ditches, you're gonna start dating the phrase "proposing sex with no obligation" - you're gonna be denied.
And not because we need commitments from either of you-- God forgo. Yeah, well, women ideally want the only snowman, but if she's screwing a man, it doesn't mean she's sleeping and she sees how to get him into the sun.

Not every single one of you, if you're even a thousand times beautiful lovers, we want to be around for a long time.

Break it, sweethearts, it's not.

Not all of you are drawn to be a husband.

A lover, yes, no husband.
It's just, saying out loud, it's your "dry with no obligation," you're letting her down to a free-lamp level, which only requires that you move your legs.

Right away.
And you don't realize no one's canceled "marriage games" and a beautiful anturage to sex. And if you really think that nobody owes anyone anything. But don't say it out loud with her. It must be beautiful. Even if you and her always have stupid sex. No commitments.
Otherwise, your only partner will be a hand. Or like me. It's just because a woman wants to feel like she's a good and beloved woman for a minute! Like books and movies. Even if you always have stupid sex. No commitments.
Women don't treat sex as easy as you do. Just because we're different. And we look at sex differently. He's in our head, not where you're going.
Whatever we say out loud.