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How do you delay the seed during sex?

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How do you delay the seed during sex?

In fact, men are so concerned about the size of their child-bearing body, and because of their desire to make the pleasure of a woman in bed as much as possible. Practice shows that much depends not on the size, but on the length of sexual acts and man ' s abductions.

From here on, the important question is how to delay the seed?
To keep the ejaculation process under each man ' s power, there is only a choice of methodology and technology. Besides, premature ejaculation is not pathology, not disease, which means it can be eliminated by conservative methods. These may be exercise equipment, breathing gymnastics, drugs and people's means.
Why delay the seed?
The question for which purpose a man needs to delay orgasm seems rhetorical. Because a lot of strong-sex people are trying to be sexy giants, giving women a tremendous pleasure. But is there a point in the effort if, in fact, many men and so of nature have good data?
Normally, the average length of the sexual act is between 3 and 20 minutes if the man holds the time when he performs the friction, which means he's fully operational. If the sexual act lasts less than 3 minutes, it is therefore sexual dysfunction due to certain reasons. In this case, any equipment and method of containment will be appropriate.
Effective orgasm management.
In order to restore the normal quality of erections and sexual acts, a man can resort to certain practices and training. The purpose of these exercises is to control erection and ejaculation. This result can be achieved if the following actions are carried out:
Once a man feels like an orgasm approaching, he needs to stop the friction. Ideally, we need to get the fallos out of the vagina of a woman for half a minute to lower the plug. You can pull off the orgasm if you cut down the area of the fallos, where the head goes to the rig. Such action can also be performed by a woman herself, helping her partner to extend the sexual act.

People's ways.

People's medicine is a worthy alternative to synthetic drugs with massive side effects. There are many prescriptions that can delay orgasm without losing the quality and pleasure of sexual acts.
Most often, the following tools are used:
Cora duba. To deal with the problem of early memorial eruption, a cube can be used. He's being prepared on a standard recipe, followed by a fallos gun just before the sexual act. It's also possible to take a few pieces inside, which will help to speed up the transmission of nerve impulses. The lamb leave and the snot. The leaflet contains a feliaminine substance that controls the normal rate of transmission of nerve impulses, which reduces hypersolubliness. Use leaves can be fresh, adding to salads and tea, making them in the boiler. Mita and Melissa. These grasses can be squeezed out of juice, after which they put a fallos on the skin shortly before the sexual act. Mita and melysses act like anaesthetics, cooling penis, which reduces the sensitivity and inspiration. plants can also be used in the form of tea because they have sedatives.
People ' s medicine involves soft and gradual effects, but without risks of spillover effects. In addition, the prescriptions proposed can be combined with different other methods for treating premature ejaculation.
The pills that hold seeds.
In the extreme case, when training and conservative methods have proved to be ineffective, the doctors have appointed medications that delay seed. It is dangerous to accept them without consulting the doctor, as most of them have serious opposition and side actions, and for some patients they may be completely useless (psychogenic sexual disorders).
The erection and ejaculation can be controlled by the influencing pills of the reversal of the serotonin. The brightest representative of this group is the Dapoxetin pills that increase the production of serotonin in the system. In the same way, erection stimulants, such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis et al., operate. They are generally accepted immediately before the sexual act.

The problem of premature ejaculation occurs in about 40 per cent of the male population, which is facilitated by inappropriate lifestyles, pathologies and diseases, injuries, psychological disturbances, etc. Only by eliminating negative influences, a man can choose the best ways of keeping seeds, thereby prolonging sexuality. These may be people ' s or medicines, equipment and special exercises.