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What are the consequences of prolonged abstention?

1. Probability of disease.

A scientifically confirmed fact: a person who regularly has sex is seven times less likely than someone who is forced or consciously staying away from intimate proximity. It's connected to the health of the urine system. The point is, during sex, blood pours into small pelvis, which stimulates the work of its organs. And in the case of a long absence of sex, the blood starts to stir up, which leads to the development of women ' s diseases such as meoma or uterus. However, if there has been no intimate intimacy for several years, there may be changes at the hormonal level that make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. And in their lives, such women have to suffer a lot of suffering, because in the absence of sex, ICPs are more severe and painful.
In addition, if a woman does not have regular sexual contact, the work of breasts is disrupted, resulting in increased risk of knot or diffuse mastopathy and increased probability of breast cancer.
Long-term abstinence also concerns representatives of a strong half of humanity. They also have a stalemate in small pelvis, which, over time, can reduce the mobility of spermatodes and the inability to conceive. It is safe to say that the absence of sex harms the whole body, including immunity. The latter is scientifically confirmed, because people who have regular intimate proximity have 30 per cent more antibodies than those who have sex on an occasional basis. There is also evidence that men who have regular sexual activity are less likely to suffer from heart, stroke and heart attacks. These people live by about 10 per cent longer than those who do not enjoy regular sex.

2. Depression.

Sex is a great anti-depressant that is simply necessary for all those who are regularly under stress. It's all about endorphins, the ones that are still called the Happiness Gormons. These hormones improve the psycho-emotional background of each of the sex partners, making good moods and protecting against depression.
For both partners, sex is natural. If it is not available, the man becomes irritable and flashy. This is particularly true for the representatives of the beautiful half of mankind. Women in this state, over time, are beginning to see the surrounding world as critical and rigid. This goes far beyond intimate relationships and affects communication with individuals, including professional activities.
Aggression and irritance are also common to men who are not happy with sex. Such high-sex representatives are increasingly subject to stress, which has the most negative impact on their ability to make progress in their careers and pursue their goals. The self-assessment of men who suffer from lack of sex is gradually declining, and they lose interest in development, the continuation and, in general, life.

3. Lower libido.

It must be said that the lack of sexual contact also affects the trigger mechanism itself, both men and women. The lower the sexual activity of both sexes, the harder it becomes.
In the first months, if there is no intimacy, the desire increases. However, if there is no and no sex, the organism is gradually beginning to " forget " these feelings and simply " erase " them from its list of needs. A person simply loses the sex traction, because his libido (sexual treatment) decreases significantly.
What's interesting is, if a woman resumes sexual contact, she can experience discomfort, unpleasant feelings and even pain during sex. Such women may have problems of induction, which will be much slower than usual, and may experience orgasm. Charity, practice shows that in the event of a return to an active sexual life, sexual health is normalized, as it comes to normal and the whole body.

4. Relationship problems.

We have already mentioned that the long absence of sex makes men and women aggressive and annoying. Psychologically, however, abstinence is even more harmful than it may appear. Especially women. For low-sex women, sex is not just an opportunity to enjoy. It's emotional contact, the moment of true proximity and unlimited trust to your loved man. At the moment of proximity, a woman is as relaxed as she feels safe and comfortable with her partner. And it strengthens the emotional attachment we usually call love.
If the intem leaves a couple's life, trust goes away. Partners stop feeling each other and lose their motivation to take care of relationships, protect them. It is this factor, with a high probability, that leads to a division of relations and, therefore, to divorce and separation.

5. skin problems.

Back to physical health. There's only one who knows that sex is an inexplicable source of youth and beauty. Turns out, in the intimacy of the intimacy, the organism is starting to actively develop collagine. This nitevid squirrel is necessary for our skin to remain turbulent and elastic, and it does not have wrinkles. Collagen production is declining in the process of organism, which has led to the emergence of old wrinkles. But if you have regular sex, the youth of the skin will last for as long as possible.
On the other hand, long abstinence reduces the synthesis of this necessary squirrel skin, which makes young and healthy women notice the first old wrinkles, only crossing the 30-year-old. Moreover, it has been shown that women ' s form of breasts has long been maintained in regular sexual contact. That's why if you want to keep your exterior beauty and youth of your skin, forget about scrubs, pilings and masks. Better spend this time with love!

6. Vision problems.

It has already been stated that long-term lack of sex has the most negative impact on sexual entry. But if you're 20 to 30 years old, and your system is still strong and healthy, sexual health can be avoided. Frequent sexual contact at that age only leads to night Pollusions and a return to sexual pleasures quickly rectifies the situation.
Men have had a different situation in 40 years. Retention from sex is beginning to trigger stalemates that, over time, lead to various diseases, the most common of which is considered prostate. Moreover, by the age of 40, the lack of regular sex threatens to weaken and even lose sexual abilities. In this case, one resumption of intimate relations will not be possible to remedy the situation. I'll need some help from a sex worker. As for men aged 50 and over, they have a sexual abstinence and can become impotent at all.
Medicines speak of a problem such as the widower ' s syndrome. An older man who lost his loved one remains morally loyal to her for the rest of his life, and deliberately refuses to be intimate with other women. Given that each organ needs oxygen, and the penis here is no exception, the absence of regular erections leads to a gradual development of impotence.
It is worth noting that this problem is mainly " men " , while women with sexual abstention are more exposed to psychological shocks.

7. Extra weight.

Lastly, it must be said that the absence of regular sex contributes to the recruitment of unnecessary weight. It's no secret that sexual contact is a labour-intensive process where partners are actively burning calories. There were even experiments that showed that a man for one sexual contact lost up to 100 kilocalories and a woman was 69 kcals. This number of burnt calories can be compared to 10 minutes running.
If a man puts a cross on the intimacy, the fat deposits in his body are lighted less actively, and if he does not engage in sports, it will certainly be possible to recruit extra pounds. It's the way to obesity.
Psychology has a significant impact on women. Rain sex encourages a woman to follow her health and maintain a strong figure, while lack of proximity leads to indifference among women of the fine sex. There's a loss of shape and obesity.
Now you know that regular sex is the key to strong, harmonious relations, and to maintaining your own health, youth and beauty. Tell me about it with your second half, and better, have a romantic evening for her, which will definitely end with sensual and incredibly passionate sex.