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The depth of the female vagina

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Is the length of the vagina important?

The long-standing problem of the size and other characteristics of primary genital organs seemed to have always concerned only men. But in fact, women are secretly concerned about the mixed question of parameters.

Is the length of the vagina important?

Although few people dare to start talking about the blood, many girls are concerned: whether they have a normal length (deep) of vagina and whether this indicator affects the receipt or lack of pleasure from sexual acts, especially after birth by natural means? Research in this area is very small, as women ' s sexuality consists of a large number of variables, and it is not entirely certain that the link between the length of the vagina and the intensity of sexual satisfaction exists at all.
Christopher Tarni, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Director of Women ' s Gynaecology and Urology at the UCLA Medical Centre, believes that there is no point in comparing the amount of sexual organs with sexuality. However, in the past 10 years, more scientists have been focusing on the field of sexology because of the large number of unresolved specific problems.
Size variations.
What is the length of the vagina considered normal? This question cannot be answered in a clear way, as the female vagina is a very elastic body. On the one hand, it is small enough to keep the hygienic tampon in place during the menstrual cycle. But at the same time, the vagina can spread so far that it is not a small newborn. This is due to the characteristics of the fabric: the vagina walls are very much like the stomach walls. They are reduced and collected in warehouses when the organism does not need a large volume and stretches as necessary.
How long is the vagina in inches? For every woman, this parameter will be different, because the organism of any person is inherently individual. In addition, even in the same woman, the vagina changes its size periodically. It's all up to what it takes to get inside or out.
However, many are interested in the average length of the vagina (there should be a statistical average?). Such information should be sought from Masters and Johnson ' s study in the 1960s. Two scholars described in detail the physical characteristics of hundreds of women who had never been pregnant and found that, in the absence of an incentive, the vagina length of girls was at least 6.9 cm, a maximum of 8.2 cm. When stimulus is extended to 10.8 cm and 12 cm respectively. The latter is the actual maximum length of the vagina within the norm. Regardless of the numerical characteristics, it should be borne in mind that the area allegedly responsible for women ' s orgasm is located in the first (external) third of the vagina.
According to Dr. Christopher Tarney, the main problem of the patient remains the sense of discomfort during the sexual act. It is caused by the insufficient length of female vaginas or excessive tension of walls. In some cases, discomfort arises because of the prolapse of uterus, urine bubble or other body into the vagina. This is often the case after the birth of the child.
However, Tarney believes that the prolapse is the only real problem. The length of the vagina, in his view, did not in any way affect sexual satisfaction, including because there were very large variations of the rule.

muscle tone.

What really matters is the size of the vagina's belief or the vaginal opening. Most of the patients in gynaecologists complain about problems following natural births.
Tariqi reports that visitors tend to describe changes in the sexual function and observe that the vagina feels too broad. As a result of this expansion, women have less sexual pleasure. In fact, recent deliveries have changed a great deal of sexual experience, so the sense of a broad vagina almost never has anything to do with the diameter of the vaginal opening.
Scientific testing.
The belief of vaginas is only slightly increased after delivery. In 1996, in the United States, doctors began to make special measurements, called the Small Casas Measuring System, which should have clearly shown medical successes in the fight against post-natal prolapses.
For the first time, the vagina length of women was measured fully before and after. The doctors used the system to study the sexual organs of several hundred patients and found that there was a slight increase in vaginal openings after natural births. It is likely that responsibility for this phenomenon lies not so much in the immediate process of kinship, but in the muscle weakness or consequences of trauma in this area.
Out of the situation.
Women who knowingly compress and squeeze the muscles of the pelvis can increase or decrease the vaginal opening. According to Dr. Tarney, raising the tonus of the muscles of the pelvis is helping to fight the sense of the broad vagina. To this end, it is very useful to carry out the exercises of Kegel, which, among other things, contribute to the overall improvement of the quality of sex.
As a result of a study published in the Australian version of the magazine Acoustics and Gynecology in 2008, women who regularly performed the Keguel exercise acknowledged that they were more sexually satisfied than those who in that sense did not. The only problem with this gymnastics is that most women do not understand how to do it properly.

Kegel's exercise: working without mistakes.

Dr. Tarney claims that any of his patients can show how to reduce and relax the biceps. But when most girls report that they regularly perform Kegel exercises, the doctor certifies that one half makes the intimacy wrong, and the other simply cannot maintain normal coordination between the brain and the muscles.
In order to capture the position of the muscles involved in world-famous exercises, the finger should either be placed in the vagina and the walls squeezed or deliberately stopped flow during urination. After the detection of the muscles, they should be reduced from five to ten seconds by compressing minutes with full relaxation. If you're concerned about the length of the vagina and yet you are unable to withstand such a long period of muscle voltage, start with shorter periods and gradually increase the load. The exercise should be repeated 10 to 20 consecutive times, three times a day. During the gymnastics, you need to watch your breath and try not to use the muscles of your legs, abdomen or pelvis.
Some women are traumatized by nervous tissues during delivery and do not feel the muscles of the pelvis. Others just don't do the gymnastics properly. It is interesting that there are special professionals in the United States of America -- therapists who are professionally helping patients to correctly perform the Keguel exercise.
Which really matters.
What is the length of the vagina considered perfect?

There is no precise indicator. Moreover, sexual desire, sexual initiation, inducement, orgasm, pain and satisfaction are not linked to the parameters of sexual organs. If you have noticed that your sexual activity has declined, it is likely that the cause is the old age, the increase in the body weight index or the absence of a deep emotional connection with your partner. The situation may help to correct the special helium smears, longer prelude to sexual acts or the spiritual convergence of the couple.
During sexual intercourse, only close contact between the sexual organs of both partners is a source of real pleasure. Many men therefore want to know whether the length of the penis and vagina is comparable. How many centimetres to the uterine can be found from the anatomy, but official sources are directed towards a mid-statistical woman. Each representative of the fine sex has its individual characteristics.

How do you know how many centimeters to the uterus?

How many centimetres from external genital organs to uterus can be found from anatomy. There's a dilute muscle between the outside STI and the cervix. On average, it has a length of 7 to 12 cm, but each woman has its individual parameters. Some of the vaginas have a length of 6 to 7 cm, others have a longer length and reaches 15 cm.
The canal is capable of compressing and stretching according to the situation. For example, its width becomes smaller when hygienic tampon is required to be retained. During the birth, there is an increase in the sex tracks to 10 to 12 cm in diameter. This is necessary to ensure that the child ' s head and body are able to travel without hindrance.
There is a cervical cervical (lowest), body and day in the tunnel depth. Shake reminds me of a round drive with a little hole in the middle. It has a narrow channel (which is referred to as church) and closed with a slim trial. The cervical length is 3-4 cm, the body of the uterus itself has a length of 4 to 7 cm and weighs 40 to 50 grams.
Based on the anatomical structure of a woman, the distance from the vulva to the uterine is an average of 13 to 14 cm.
If a girl really needs to know the length of the vagina, she can be measured in a medical institution. This is done by using a special tool that has a dividing scale.

Can I get your fingers to the uterus?

I don't think it's possible to feel the body itself, because it's very deep. Can I get your fingers to the cervix? Some women may regularly determine the status of their own cervix in order to know whether ovulation has taken place. Use instructions for the procedure:
Wash your hands with soap and brush your long nails so you don't scratch your slim vagina. Take a comfortable position. Some women prefer to study the cervix in a seating position. Put the average finger in the depth of the vagina until it jumps into something tight. That's the cervix of the uterus. She can't move her finger any further.
If the ovulation is in place, the humidity and the consistance of the sheik change. It becomes soft and subtle, because of increased iron work inside the vagina, there is a large amount of slide.
The length of the vagina changes according to the monthly cycle. All right, before the month comes, it's tightened, and with the ovulation going longer.

Can a penis get to the uterus?

It is interesting that the vagina can adjust to the breadth and length of a male sexual member. If you have sex with a permanent partner, her sex organs are adapted to your masculine dignity over time. The muscle canal accepts the length and width necessary for close contact.
In the inspired state, penis can penetrate very deeply, but it depends on the size of the genital organs. For example, a long member is trapped in a cervical cervix during sexual intercourse quite frequently. If the vagina is stretched and the short penis is short, this cannot be achieved.
A lot of women don't always enjoy getting too deep. Some have feelings and pain. If, at the time of sexual contact, a woman has not attained the status quo, her vagina remains tense and has little change of shape. The member is cloaked into a uterus, so the partner complains about the pain downstairs and inside the body.
Can vagina length change with age and sex?
There has been a slight change in the parameter to increase immediately after delivery, but some time later the vagina length returns to the reference values. Men often note a change in their feelings during the beating with their wife after the birth of the child, but this is due to the fact that warehouses are being removed inside the vagina.
During sex, the sex pipe shall be extended by about 5 cm, in the inspired state, to 13 to 19 cm. However, according to the Western study, the average length of the vagina during sex is 15 to 16 cm. This is the same size as the male sex body.
Once the reproductive function has been removed, the parameter is small, with the age of the vagina stretched by 1-2 cm, no more.
However, without a special need to carry out an independent measurement, it is not worthwhile to infect. It doesn't make sense to know the dimensions of curiosity. Men and women usually have the length necessary for their close contact.
The vagina is a women ' s sexual organ and a part of the so-called delivery path. As in the case of breast, hand or leg size, the size and depth of the vagina are different for women.
According to one study, the mean depth of the vagina is 9.6 centimetres (see). Another study showed that this size could be between 7.6 cm and 17.7 cm.
The depth of the vagina of one woman may change, but this change usually does not notice either the woman or her sex partner.

Dimensions and types of vagina.

The depth of the vagina is the distance from the entrance to the vagina to the end of the cervix.
According to the report of the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the average depth of the vagina of women is 9.6 centimetres, but this parameter can vary widely.
In fact, the depth of the vagina, i.e. the distance from the entrance into the vagina to the end of the cervical cervix, may be 17.7 centimetres.
The vagina is a channel leading to the cervix of the uterus that separates the uterus from the vagina itself.
The inner part of the vagina wipes out several types of tissue, including a sliding shell. The sliding casing consists of special cells that produce smacking fluid. This liquid helps the vagina walls stretch.
The outer part of the female genital organs is called the voluminous. These include small and large sex lips - structures that have been named because they have lips.
The appearance of the vulva differs between women. The skin of external genital organs may be the same as the rest of the body or darker. Large lips may be 7 to 12 centimetres long.
The size of the clitorimeter may be between 5 and 35 millimetres, but it may increase if the woman is encouraged or for some other reason. Details of the factors affecting the increase in the clitoris can be read here.
What's the effect on the vagina size?
The width and depth of the vagina may change in certain situations. This body is capable of expanding to include a tampon, a finger or a sexual member.
At the time of the injecting, the vagina is increasing. It causes an increase in the vagina length and a slight rise in the end of the cervix. This reaction allows the vagina to adjust to the size of a sexual penis, finger or sexual toy.
However, even though the vagina can expand during sexual initiation, a large sexual member or a huge sex toy can deliver discomfort to a woman.
How does the vagina change with age?
Studies did not confirm the difference between the depth of the vagina of birthed women and those who did not have births.
The vagina sizes do not change over time. The matter was studied by scientists, but research had not found a link between the depth of the body and the age of the woman.
And the lips can change their appearance. This is because, over time, women are declining to develop estrogens, which reduces fat and collagine levels.
Women can change their colours, become darker or less during menopause when critical hormonal changes occur.
Some women may find that their vagina changes its characteristics after delivery. The body ' s tissues during this life period are indeed subject to changes in relation to the overall preparation of the woman ' s body for a child. But later, the vagina reappears the size and shape it had before the birth.
Scientists found no difference in the length of the vagina of women born in comparison with those who had not yet moved.
If a woman thinks that her vagina has changed after delivery, a doctor can recommend Keguel's exercise. This type of physical activity involves the tension and relaxation of the muscles responsible for urinating. The exercise can strengthen the pelvis bottom.

The size of the vagina and the length of the penis.

The average size of an erected sexual member is 33% higher than the average vagina. While the size and the size of the penis and the vaginas may vary, these two bodies are usually fast adjusting to each other.
In 2015, the results of the study were published, which showed that the average length of an erected sexual member was 13.12 centimetres. Some women experience discomfort if their sex partner has a penis that is above the average.
The impact of a sexual member or other cervical objects is often unpleasant. A sufficient lubrication of the vagina, as well as discussion with the partner on intimate proximity issues, can provide greater sexual pleasure to both women and their partner.

Vagina care councils.

Frequent change of pads and tampons will help ensure the health of the vagina.
The following are several councils that will help women maintain the health of the vagina.
Avoid prancing or using high-yromatized body-care products, tampons or female hygiene products. As often as you can change wet clothes or bathing suits to reduce the risk of infection. Frequently change the cabinets or tampons. Practice protected sex. Stay away from wearing too tightly accommodating clothes that can cause skin irritation and excess flow. Go to the bathroom after sex to reduce the risk of urea infections.

The vagina size and appearance of the vulva may vary among women. In most cases, the depth of the vagina is between 7.6 and 17.7 centimetres.
The vagina is a body that is designed to adapt to the birth and sexual activity. However, if a woman feels pain during sex and thinks that the cause of discomfort is too narrow, she should go to a doctor.
The doctor will examine the patient and find the reason behind the pain. It is also capable of recommending a woman to a highly specialized expert. The latter will prescribe the therapy of the pelagic bottom or advise a woman on how to improve sex, regardless of the depth of the vagina.