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How to solve problems affecting sexual relations

Many of the problems affecting sexual relations can be addressed through some therapy and proper nutrition, but first of all, a specialist needs to be addressed. It will help in time to start treatment and avoid complications.
Sex is one of the most important needs of human beings, and in normal, it is accompanied by very pleasant feelings and feelings. To enjoy sex is one of the foundations of marriage (whether official or not). Sexual relations strengthen emotional relationships between partners, increase confidence and improve communication between them.
Unfortunately, many factors adversely affect intimate relationships, reduce libido and prevent emotions in their entirety.
Certain specific women ' s problems may cause unpleasant feelings and sexual pain. There are also other symptoms that prevent full sex.
These problems are often not so serious and easy to resolve, but it is important to note them in time and take action.

1. Vaginal dryness.

One of the women ' s frequent problems is the violation of normal acidity in the vaginal area, which causes vaginal dryness.
Such a violation is usually associated with a decrease in the level of estrogen called " women ' s hormon " .
This leads to a lack of moisture of the vagina, a lack of lubrication ♪ This makes sexual acts painful, a woman has a sense of skin burning and annoying.
How do we solve this problem?
We need to go through hormonatherapy if the doctor recommended it. It is also important to ensure the right food and use of deluricants on a water basis.

2. skin problems.

Violation of the acid-alkali balance of vaginal microflora increases the likelihood of dermatitis and allergic reactions. Leather problems may result in ulva ulva ulva, often accompanied by irritation, pain and burning.
How do we solve this problem?
Check the soap and the female hygiene items you use. Perhaps the problem arose from the components of their composition. Try to use natural intimacy.

3. Vaginite also prevents sex.

Vaginite is the inflammation of a slime of vagina caused by disease-induced microorganisms.
This disease not only prevents normal sexual relations, but also is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as heavy allocations, burning, urination difficulties.
How do we solve this problem?
Of course, we need to go to a doctor who will make the necessary treatment. But it's important to take care of the right diet. It should include prosthetics and antibiotics, which will help to combat infection. It is also important to observe hygienic and wear underwear from cotton.

4. Allergies.

Many women experience unpleasant feelings and pain when their partner uses a condom. The reason for this is simple: allergic to latex.
As a result, not only can they not enjoy sex, they have symptoms such as skin irritation, rash, unpleasant smell in the private domain.
How do we solve this problem?
First, we need to identify the causes of allergies. A gynaecologist should then be consulted. He's recommending alternative means of protection.

5. Vaginam.

If the vagina is involuntarily clutching and the sexual act becomes virtually impossible, it is called vagina.
This problem is not common. It is related to the non-voluntary reduction of vagina muscles. As a result, the penis simply cannot enter the vagina.
There may be injuries (including psychological, for example, rape) or scars in the vagina. Vaginalism may also be associated with hormonal organism restructuring.
What's the solution?
The experts recommend physiotherapy with exercises to reduce and relax the muscles of the pelvis.

6. Cist.

The urine bubble, or the cystic, is a disease known to many women. The pain and the sense of burning that characterizes her makes sex uncomfortable.
It's a bacterial infection. One of her symptoms is a constant desire to urinate. It doesn't back off even when there's little urine in the urine bubble.
How do we solve this problem?
In order to combat the bacteria causing the disease, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics. It is also important to ensure proper nutrition and to drink many waters. It's very useful in the cystity of the stasis and juice with the diarrhoea.
If you've noticed the symptoms of these problems, don't waste time and turn to the gynaecologist.

It will help avoid complications and enjoy sex again.