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Types of initiation

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What kinds of excitement are there?

An old, normal sexual act is more than enough for most of us.

However, there is an incredibly diverse variety of different fetishes and strange species of obsession. Everyone has their hidden sexual preferences, and they rarely say it out loud. But we'll try, here's a list of 15 weird sexual preferences you hardly heard.


Simply speaking, it's a sexual scream.

People with this fetish are building their sex life around their ticklish, they can tickle each other during sex or even connect a partner to feed him. This fetish is from childhood: children often brush, and sometimes they just get excited. Time goes, kids grow up, and cheek gradually becomes a sweet torture that helps to awaken the sense. Now that you know about the book, maybe you'll turn away from your best friend's cheek. Or, on the other hand, give him a good kick.


Xilopilia (chylophilia) - sexual intercourse to wood, wood. In a way, sexual intercourse to a tree is a common fetish for billions of people around the world, whether anyone hugs the bait. The thing is, we're talking here about being involved in a tree as such is an uprising of contact with wood, and it's not euphemism. Don't confuse the ylophilia that means getting into the woods! Xilophiles are divided into different types of sexual preferences; some are douba fans, others are basic purists.

Regardless of the kind of tree they choose, we would advise them to take some precautionary measures to prevent the emergence of cheeks and cuttings. Well, it would be logical if the cylophilia automatically listed its opts in a green league, for example. Sometimes, by the way, another term is dendrophilia. That's who loves trees for real!

One day, a Scottish dendrofil was even forbidden to attend a city park after he tried to make a sex act with a tree there.


Sex treatment of fog is available to the people of Montreal, Quebec, for example, a year round. The fog lover must be early birds, because most of the time, you can catch him in the morning. I think it's the most romantic fetish on the list to bow in the fog and be excited, it's like a magic dream when you get into your dreams. It's beautiful, and it's always a little sad when the fog scatters. There's another minute and we'll start sounding like nebulophiles.

There's, of course, as with the wooden, a lot of ambiguity - how exactly do they ride from the fog?

Is it enough for them to meet a loved one in the fog, or is it the fog that triggers them? It's kind of weird! Anyway, if you like this sort of thing, we want you to have a lot of fog days and nights.


Autopychephiles are getting sexual induction, depicting huge, multal animals. Don't be confused with ploughs that better hide the soft toys you love! Autopychephiles are changed to the characters of the Disney Cards, and sometimes they buy or sew expensive suits - pussy and naughty, usually. They stand in front of the mirror until their dreams come true.

And we're happy for them. Actually, we heard about furry, people who have sex in animal suits. But it's about maulty beasts, I guess you can say that auto-plosephile is a furry. If you're autoposephile underground, we call on you to go into the world in the suit of your favorite imaginary creature. If you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for us!

Agalmatophilia (Pigmalionism)

If you're in Lisbon, you'll notice how many statues you can see around the city. They're everywhere: some of them rise above us in huge positions; others sometimes stand right on the street and can suddenly live to shake hands.

The statues were our beloved part of Lisbon, but if they were subject to pigmalyonism, we'd be fascinating! Pygmalyonism is an obsession with a special characteristic, it's a sexual attraction to statues (as well as other objects such as dolls and dummies) more common among men. The role of the fetish is images of the human body - statues, figures, dummy, etc. The Fetishist enjoys touching and possessing them. This phenomenon was called by the legendary sculptor Pigmalion, who fell in love with his own sculpture. Sometimes this weird sexual tendency is called agalmatophilia. Well, we can only make sure that the guys in there are planning a trip to Lisbon. Or watch the Love Formula.

Heliophilia (actirastics)

Of course, without the sun, it's impossible to be healthy, it's one of the most important natural drugs known to man. His beams on Earth make life. The sunlight needs a man, his influence on our organism is huge, and it contributes to the development of a hormonal of joy, a serotonin responsible for good mood. Solar tanning increases men's sexual activity. Vitamin D, which is developed under ultraviolet rays, raises the level of male hormone, testosterone. We knew all that before. But it turns out there are people who get sexy awakening from sunlight. Dangerous passion, as we think.

The desire to be permanently in the sun (and also in the state of ecstasy) can lead to the most serious consequences, at best, overheating. Such passion is likely to cause cancer and other problems. Heliophiles of all countries, protect! There must always be a sunscreen with a SPF at least 50.


As much as everyone loves the sun, they don't usually wear insects. Thousands of people hate them and never touch the goodwill puppet puppets, but the uniforms just love them when the ants crawl. Especially in the field of genitalia. I don't want to even think about it.

This fetish is one of the species of zoophilia. Formicophilia is the sexual intrusion to the ants and the initiation of everything that's related to them. Formicophilia is related to peanuts (sex initiation from spiders), zoophilia (involvement to animals), melissofel (caif from bees and bee bites) and entomophilia (sexual treatment to all insects).

At the end of the 1980s, the Australian television broadcasted an advertisement of women's laundry: on the foot of the beauty, the ants crawled, and she gave an order to her dissented ants: "Let them, Rex! At one of their conferences, Australian psychologists discussed the impact of this advertisement on the erotic fantasies of their patients. Yeah, advertisers need to think about it a hundred times before they publish their addictions.


Most people from around the world are going to get away from the picture of natural disasters. Whether it's a fire, a hurricane or a terrorist act, it's always pain and horror, and it's usually necessary to avoid such images at any cost. However, some people don't think of a disaster as a disaster.

Symphorophilia is a sexual instigation from everything that is related to death and catastrophes (Symphora Greek means “unfortunate”. Simforophyla makes the idea of danger, destruction and possible loss of life. In addition to fires, symphorophiles attract explosions, crashes, natural disasters and other similar phenomena. It was noted that, for reasons not understandable, they enjoyed the greatest pleasure from the suffering of innocent people. We don't say that all symphorophiles are bad people; we don't know much about the nature of sexuality, but we know enough about subconsciousness that can't always be controlled. As long as the symphorophile doesn't act like a sadist to real people, we have nothing against his not too cute obsession.


Some people love clowns, the vast majority never think of them, and others fear and hate them. Fear of clowns (coulrophobia) is not such a rare thing, and she's quite clear. But it'll be harder to understand who's coming from clowns. If you're uncontrollably sexually aroused by the species of clown, and you're being dragged to him and squeezed by genitals, you're probably a representative of a rare coulrophiles clan. You're probably a frequent guest of the local circus and amateurs to order animation of a certain stylist. We hope there's a kind of obsession among clowns that correlates with clown-cloning. If that doesn't exist, clowns, hold on! We're sorry.


We all know the old story about Pinocchio, a wooden boy who, on a certain turn of his travels, was caught in a huge whale. The character of the folklore is like a little fish-kit, too, probably known. A strong desire to be swallowed is the fetish of unique people called warrephiles.

Warrephilia (vorarephilia from lat. vorare - "live" et al. Greek - “love”) is a kind of fetishism in which a person enjoys the fantasy of being eaten or eating another person. Apparently, for people like this, Red Scape is a erotic story. It's not about eating, it's cannibalism, it doesn't smell! Normally, the thief does not go beyond fantasy at all and is never meant to kill the victim or to get any damage. The practice is usually confined to imagination; for example, in micro-ware dreams, a reduction is used to read characters.

Sneakness (paraphilia)

Sex obsession with cheeky is probably the most harmless and even sweetest on this list of frightening fetishes. It must be a fetishist-chihun mass of anxiety, and it's impossible to predict who and where sneezes next to him, what the situation is, and he's already awake and ready to scream. Each fetishist has its own version of the type of cheeky that some have reached a peak when they sneeze themselves (and that is especially spectacular and melody); others love to sneeze on them. May help you all Buddha, you weird people.


Okulolinctus is licking eye apples, this fetish often practice love couples in Japan. Mode for the frontal eye began in the mid-2000s, and youTube can find hundreds of rollers whose authors want to share their strange ties. Our occululinctus seems to be almost the most dangerous fetish, because such tenderness can lead to infection or mechanical damage to our eyes. Doctors advise not to take advantage of the lobbying of other people's eyes.

Japanese ophthalmologists are alarmed: an increasing number of young people complain about communicable diseases of their eyes, rusty injuries and anxiety in their eyes, reported La Vanguardia. The reason is a new kind of erotic fun - ocullinctus. According to those who tried it, it's as good as a French kiss. The first concerns were for teachers, finding that many students come in sun glasses or with a plastic in one eye. The Association of Japanese Ofthalmologists cautions: occululinctus can even be blinded because bacteria and sarin are handed over to the saliva.


Katoptronophilia is a sexual desire to have sex in front of the mirror. It's kind of narcissistic, but you don't have to confuse him with autopsy. Honestly, it's even hard to call a fetish. But it's him, because catatophilia's optics aren't about to get high, looking at their cumulative reflection, they can't, in principle, achieve excitement and satisfaction unless they look at themselves in the mirror.

Beat your balls.

Most men don't like them much when they're hitting the smelly area. Getting a stroke is like a little death, after which you're suffocating, you're barely getting yourself. In fact, this pain can be compared to the births, although, of course, it lasts less and less than the consequences. In any case, a normal man would prefer to run a marathon or wash the floors, not to get hit in his most sensitive area. But there's a category of people who want to feel pain in the genitalia, and they'll be happy if the suffering lasts as long as it's born. These guys want to get their balls literally, and no compromises.


No such list will be complete without macrophilia, which is usually a male fantasy involving a dominant giant. Sometimes dominance (the most extreme fantasies) means eating alive. A giant can be a little higher than a man, or it can be a size with a skyscraper.

Fortunately for macrophiles, if he's a man below average height, he's not so hard to find his own giant, which will be 7 to 10 cm above him, and a couple who can live happily ever after.