Questions about sex and health

Sexual problems

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Difficulties in sexual life, potion, burning and pain in the field of sexual organs, ambiguous and obscuous releases from vagina with unpleasant smell

In particular, the quality of sexual life undermines psychological trauma and inappropriate sexual education (or absence). The true frigidity and pain in intimate proximity is a medical question to be answered by doctors. Most of the problem is the inconsistency between expectations and reality arising from ignorance of physiology and incompetence in sex.
For example, in the root, the impressions of intimacy may be caused by the banal dryness of the vagina, most often due to insufficient inducement.

The use of strawberries is an artificial solution to the problem, a long foreplay is a natural way to overcome dryness.
Absence of orgasms - usually the result of his ignorance of nature and the belief that " a real woman " is obliged to experience vaginal orgasms. In fact, 18 per cent of women can enjoy the greatest pleasure only from vaginal infiltration, while others need clitoris and that's normal.

Total: For good sex, psychological attitudes and knowledge of women ' s physiology are important.

Intimacy issues.

The vagina has a robust protective mechanism. The foundation of this mechanism is the Lactobacteria, or Dederlain's dairy sticks, which tightly cover the vagina wall and are permanent residents. Among all the colonizing micro-organisms, lactobacteria is the majority of microbiotes, up to 90 per cent. By providing protective bacteriocins, they deter other micro-organisms, prevent them from multiplying and help organisms with infections. In total, about 20 types of vagina are identified.
Frequent vagina souls, ghosts, use of tampons, use of non-intimate hygiene and vaginal methods of contraception may alter acid balance, disbiosis of the vagina flora and inflammation of slim external genital organs, as well as direct vaginas. This is because conditions are created in which the viability of Dederlain's sticks is lost, making it much worse for them to survive in the environment.
The first signs of dysbiosis are vagina, pond, genital mutilation, especially when urine, pain and dryness occurs in sexual contact.
In the event of discomfort, measures to restore the environment must be taken immediately.

Change of hormonal background.

Lactobacteria are directly dependent on hormones, estrogens and progesterones, which are produced by eggs.
Estrogens make cells of the bleached vagina to accumulate glycogen (this complex carbs feed with milk-oxid sticks). The Progesterone helps to prepare from the glycogene of the " dishes " that the lab can eat. If the level of these hormones decreases, as is the case when the ovaries work in the menopause, the balance between the lactobacteria and the other flora is broken, which, with excessive multiplication, manifests itself as an inflammatory process.
Logic conclusion: to restore normal microflor, hormonal violations must be addressed.
If this is not possible, the clan should be filled from the outside and help new recruits settle in a new location. Either locally use combined hormonal drugs that can restore the vagina wall after micro-damaging, remove the inflammation and inhabit the vagina with the right labs.

Infections and antibiotics.

Sexual infectors often enter the system during sexual contact. They're in the first place stronger than the labs, easy to live in the vagina, the match, its additives, and can only be defeated by antibiotics. The problem is that antibiotics kill not only enemies but also useful microflor. That is why milk and bacterial vaginas often occur after treatment.
In fact, any anti-bacterial therapy, no matter how a doctor appointed her, could lead to disbacteriosis, a breach of the vaginal microflora. That is why the use of intra-vaginal prodiots is very often the second stage of treatment of intimate diseases.

Silence or candy.

Many women have experienced this very unpleasant disease at least once in their lives. 40 per cent of the candidose returns once or twice, and 5 per cent passes into a chronic form (more than 6 episodes per year).
In 90 per cent of cases, the Vaginal Candidoza Greb Candida albicans, who coexist peacefully with the vagina in 20 per cent of healthy women. Anti-bacterial therapy, general or local erosion of immunity (e.g. long journey, climate change, stress) are the cause of sudden aggression. White creativity and corn of sexual organs appear before menstruation, after sex, changes in the nutrients or the aquatic environment, after visiting public sauna or pool. Only anti-frequency drugs are insufficient to treat the candidose.
As soon as the treatment ends, mushrooms can begin to multiply quickly without allowing a healthy microflor, labcobacteria, to restore their domination.
The recidivism occurs in almost every second woman. It is therefore important, after the end of the first phase of the treatment, to think about a normal vagina to prevent the repetition of bacteria.

Bacterial vaginas.

Every sixth woman who treats a gynaecologist about vagina allocations suffers from bacterial vaginas. It does not relate to inflammatory diseases.
Bacterial vaginosis is a state of persistent violation of the vagina microflora, where the number of lactobacteria decreases sharply and other microbes, such as Gardnerella.
Bacterial vagina drivers are ordinary microbes that live in the vagina of healthy women. The number of lactobacteria decreases.
The risk of vagina is that he prejudged the inflammatory diseases of the sexual organs, which could lead to infertility, miscarriage, intrauterine infections of the fruit and post-natal complications.
Vaginos symptoms are heavy vaginal serovato-white extractions from the vagina, with the smell of raw fish, sex potion, causing inconvenience and affecting women ' s sexual life.
Bacterial vaginal vaginals of antibiotics of a wide range of activities are being used, and after they are used, they are usually designed to reconstruct microbiot (or biocensos) of vaginas.
In order to restore vaginal flora, many doctors prefer vaginal forms of testiots, for example, based on Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus 35 (LCR 35). When they enter the vagina, their active metabolites can increase antimicrobial action, contribute to the normalization of pH of vaginas, the lactobacteria create special films that are a protective barrier to pathogens. Specialists stress the importance of the presence of a certain strain of vaginal lactobacteria, as some strains, such as Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus (LCR35), have the most pronounced and proven effect, unlike some other types of laboratory.
The French Laktoginal drug can help sustain a healthy microflor, which consists of a Probiotic culture LCR35 that contributes to the restoration of natural microflora and supports local immunity. Lactogenal has non-hormonal composition, allowed in pregnancy and lacation.