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Sexual dependence

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Is there a connection to sex? How do you know if it is?

A lot of us have heard of alcohol or drug addiction. But "sitting" is not just for alcohol or psychostimulators. More people have recently become dependent on relationships with other people.

Specialists have no doubt that sex can be addicted, just as food, gambling or shopping, alcoholism or drug addiction. When a person becomes sexually dependent, intimate relationships are at the forefront. All life priorities are slowly on track, and then they disappear. The only thing that a man gives his energy and thought is to seek pleasure, again and again.
In doing so, he may fall in love, or vice versa, cynically use his partner only for short-term communication.

Sexual dependence, or addiction, leads a person to lose the ability to control his thoughts, feelings and actions. He's obeyed by his constant desire to enjoy himself.
Sex and love lead to the same chemicals in the brain as cocaine heroin. And sexually addicted people get the same thing that drug addicts get out of drugs, alcoholics out of alcohol: unusually pleasant, unlike anything else in their lives. Intimate relationships for them are the only way to raise spirit. Through it, they seek to suppress feelings such as sorrow, anger, anxiety or fear, and to rid themselves of the wrath of daily life. And this need is so great that sexually dependent people, like alcoholics, can hardly resist their dependence.

Who's more dependent?

Don't think sexy addicts are maniacs. It's often socially successful people, family. Of the sex addicts who seek medical care, most are men.

This is a typical portrait of sexual addict: a heterosexual man for about 40 years, married (or with a permanent partner), a professional who, in all other respects, is quite normal.
The situation with women is difficult.

According to specialists, because of the still existing double standard system, they often do not recognize any irregularities or seek medical assistance. But the fact that women are pretty sexually dependent is a fact.

Sexy Smoke.

With a man's help, secret fear leads. That's how the male addicts fear most of being in a funny situation, looking helpless and weak. They usually use sex to make themselves feel safe.
Dependent women need sex to escape from real relationships. They're suing for sex, saving from grief and loneliness, and to convince themselves that their women's spells are still strong. A woman's adjective conceals a desire to avoid feeling of its own insignificantness.
The problem of addicts is they don't know how to build relationships outside of intimacy. In their minds there is a substitution of concepts: any proximity between people seems possible only when they have sex. While sex is a source of great satisfaction and pleasure for them for the first time, there is a growing need for sex over time.
There may be a situation where sex stops to be happy and enjoyable, but the sex worker keeps doing it so that he doesn't break. Sexual addicts don't have the obvious puncture or hungover like addicts or alcoholics. But they can suffer very severe emotional suffering, sometimes impossible to overcome even with antidepressants.

Who's at risk.

According to psychologists, some people are more predisposed to relationships than others. Some of the characteristics of nature can indicate that a person can sit for sex.
♪ Humbility and tolerance;
♪ Torturing, constantly looking for new feelings;
♪ Risk worship, adventure;
- Panic fear of loneliness.

According to specialists, sex addicts often have difficult relationships with the opposite sex. Often, their dependence triggers a crisis situation where, for example, a loved one is betrayed, and a deceptive partner seeks to end pain through sex.
But it should be borne in mind that all of this is simply " risk factories " , they should not necessarily be sexually addicted.

Sexual dependence confessions.

Sex addiction or addiction has several characteristics. This is:
Inability to control their sexual impulses;
- The harmful effects of this behaviour, although usually the sexual addict itself denies it;
- Inadequacy in other areas of life in this regard;
Increasing the frequency of sexual impulses over time;
- Abstinence symptoms with abstention.

Besides, there are questions that make it clear if you have a tendency to have sexual dependence.
1. Are you in intimate relationships with people you think you shouldn't be with?
2. Do you think you should cut the amount of sex?
3. Do you need a sexual relationship to make life brighter?
4. Do you experience anxiety and annoyance when your partner's not around?
5. Are you in intimate relationships that bring discomfort and pain?
6. Will your life be complete without sex?
7. In your opinion, don't you think about sex too often?
8. Do you have many sexual partners?
There are no ready answers to these questions. But if they make them think about it and turn to a psychologist, there may be a problem.