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What should we try in sex? New types of sex

Before we buy a car, we could use a test drive. Whatever kind of sex you prefer, there's experience that would be good before you finally settle down. For example, it would be interesting to try before, with certainty, fully exploring the possibilities and preferences of " choosing your car " .
Sex with “them, the only”
You thought he was your only one, but he wasn't. He broke your heart, and you doubt whether you'll ever have such a great sex again.
When you meet your real half, you will realize that the relationship was the necessary experience that made you (and your orgasms) stronger.
A sex with a huge dick holder.
It's worth a while to find a guy with a very big penis. Otherwise, you'll be thinking about how big it might be. You're gonna die of admiration when you see him, and remember what it's like to be a virgin when he comes into you. After that, you can brag to your girlfriends. As a result, you can get rid of the fantasies of the great manhood and his magical power over a woman. It's just a penis, just like others. Moreover, the character of the holder of such a member may not be the best.
Bad sex.
It's a sex that I want to go to the shower immediately. He'll help you double the value of good sex and even medium sex when it happens.
A sex with a foreigner.
You can barely say his name, but it's interesting and unusual. Maybe you're traveling or he came to you. Anyway, don't miss your chance to satisfy your passion with a handsome foreigner.
Sex when you're both angry.
Whether you're angry about his policy, or you're completely mad at your young man's behavior and you want to break your relationship, anger is a very powerful African-disiac.
Anger can be a spark that will burn passion. That reminds me of the skill between two naked fighters that both win.
Sex with rock star.
Who ever dreamed of being someone's museum? When you're the muse of some really talented and famous guy, you feel luxury first, and after he finds a new muse, almost cheap. But this episode you'll remember for life! Try being someone's inspiration in bed.
Anal sex.
You should know if you like anal sex before you settle down. Try it with someone you can trust. It's best if your partner is a luxury guy who treats you very gently, and who you can easily stop if you don't like it. Because some guys should try a woman's ass, they're not gonna stop. Some people can't understand your refusal to have anal sex with them.
Sex with a girl.
You don't have to have lesbian sex, but at least try kissing another girl. And if you do it just to attract men's attention, it doesn't count. You have to try it in a private environment, just the two of us.
Even if you think you're a possessor of a perfectly normal orientation, you'll find something new about yourself and your sexuality.
Sex with a man who's much older or much younger.
Go through the age barrier and get a man older than you or a younger guy in bed. When it comes to men, you need to do your own comparative analysis. It could sound like a broken cliché here, for example, that a older man would buy you out of sight and expensive gifts, and with a younger guy you'd be having sex like rabbits, but in reality everything might be different. Try sex with men of different ages, and you can learn amazing things about men and people in general.
Sex dominance.
Try to dominate sex. A woman on top, that's all said. You completely control the process and get everything you want from sex. It's particularly interesting to try this when you're wearing skin!
Sex when he can't keep you company.
Maybe he's had too much to drink, and maybe he's just having fun on his own - whatever the reason it is, but you can't bring him up for sex tonight, and you're gonna have to deal with it. Don't be upset, instead, you need to find a way to satisfy your desire in a way that doesn't make him feel unnecessary. It happens to every guy. Be grateful that we, women, have enough to show up in front of a man, move our feet and start enjoying ourselves. It's harder for men.
Sex with itself.
Masturbation is very important to learn what you like and how easy it is for you to achieve an orgasm. If you don't know it yourself, your partners will be harder to figure out how to make you happy.
It's more interesting to masturbate if you try to play with the vibrator. You just have to test the feelings that modern technology can give.