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Adaptation of the vagina:

Юлия Рлова2 years

Adaptation of the vagina: size matter?

The vagina is a very elastic and stringy body that can adapt to any size of a sexual member. Specialists have even come up with a specific term describing these vagina possibilities. Find out how the vagina size can affect the intimate existence of the couple.
What are the dimensions of the vagina?
When it comes to size, we usually mean the size of a male sexual member. What about the vagina size? The quality of sex is not only influenced by the size of the penis, but also by the vagina.
Turns out the average size of the vagina is only 7 to 12 centimeters. Thus, men with a small size of a sexual member can easily satisfy a woman in bed. High women have a vagina like the rule is deeper, although it's not always like that. This depends on the individual characteristics that are determined by genetic factors.

Adapting the vagina to a sexual member.

Many men believe that for women the more, the better. Actually, it's not that way. French sexologists determined the size of a sex penis that would be perfect for most women. It's between 13 and 15 centimeters in erection mode.
Women ' s vagina, however, can easily adapt to a longer sexual member. Like this is happening? The vagina is a very elastic organ whose tensile rate may be significant. When the vagina is born, the vagina is expanding as much as possible, allowing a woman to bring a child.
In the case of sexual initiation, women are shifting slightly upstairs and the vagina is increasing by several centimetres. The vagina is becoming more elastic and tense, which allows for adaptation to any sex member.
Specialists have even come up with a specific term that describes the possibility of vagina adjusting to the size of a sexual member. It's called a vaginal cocode.
Too small in the vagina.
Of course, if a woman has a vagina that is small and narrow, and a partner has a bigger and wide-ranging penis, such sex may not be pleasant. In such a case, a woman may suffer serious pain when she has sexual contact.
Some women with small vaginas may have vaginas, a condition in which the vaginal muscles are not arbitrarily reduced. In such situations, a gynaecologist must be treated.