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How vagina size influences

Виолета Ивановна Ермолаева1 year, 11 months

How do vagina size affect intimate life?

Is the size important?

Too often, the size of the male sexual organ is linked to this issue, but this is not an issue exclusively for men, as the size of the vagina may have an impact on private life. And many women, like men, who are concerned about the length of their sexual penis, are burdened by their thoughts on the amount of their vagina. This problem is particularly relevant after birth - the vagina is stretched and adds several millimetres in diameter.

Paragraph 1: Average dimensions.
Examinations of the influence on the sexuality of the vagina were too low. According to medical data, it is known that the average amount of vagina is approximately 7 to 13 centimetres if the woman is not inaugurated. With the normal width of the vagina, 2-3 fingers can be inserted into it. Most often, the vagina of high women is deeper, but there are also low-growth women, whose vagina depths are approximately 12 to 14 centimetres, as are high women with a depth of 6 to 7 centimetres. The parameters of the depth and width of the vagina are genetic, they are individual characteristics, which are not dependent on the number of partners or the intimate life of a woman.

Parameter two: elastic organ.

Since the feminine sexual organ is slightly shifting upwards at the time of initiation, the vagina ' s width is increasing to about 5 centimetres, while the upper part of the vagina (approximately one third) is narrowing down due to a strong blood flow. As a result, when a woman is instigated, the vagina becomes more elastic and more susceptible, that when a member enters the vagina, the man ' s sexual organ can be sniffed with vagina tissues, and the penis thickness is not critical because the vagina can adapt to any thickness. On this basis, it can be assumed that regular sex with the same partner allows the vagina to take the form most appropriate for the male sexual organ.
It should also be noted that the vagina is a very elastic body with warehouses that can be compressed and expanded when necessary. This is the reason why the vagina normally retains both the tampon, reducing and expanding, allowing the child to be born.

What if the size doesn't work?

The birth or abortion may affect the vagina, and its depth may be reduced slightly, causing the most frequent loss of the uterus. In addition, after delivery, the smooth musculature of the vagina is relaxed, which may give the impression that the vagina is very enlarged. No special problems after delivery should arise in private life.

And yet, if you're not comfortable with the size of your vagina, you can try to fix the situation in ways such as:

♪ Squeeze the vagina muscles. This exercise should be carried out at least 10 times per day;
♪ You can look at Arnold Keguel's methodology, which provided a list of exercises to improve the tone of the bodies of the pelvis;
♪ Another solution could be private plastic, i.e. surgical intervention, which, through an operation, reduces a little of the vagina diameter, but consider it an extreme measure.

Remember, in the small size of the vagina, there's usually nothing good, because when a woman has a sexual act, she can experience severe pain, which will certainly not bring special pleasure. Similarly, many women who have a small vagina size may suffer from vaginaism, the muscles are shyly reduced, and any sexual contact becomes simply impossible. In such cases, you'll have to contact a specialist.