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Comparison of men, Europeans and Russians

ксения2 years

Why is comparison between European and Russian men always not in favour of the latter?

" What Spanish men think about - how to treat a woman - is said by a friend who has lived in Spain for years. - For them, the kunilingus is joy, they can be offended or upset if you refuse it. "
And here I am thinking about our Russian boys.

It's not that bad. Of course, more and less decent lovers. But, to be honest, in general, the concept is, " I've done a great favor already in my pants.

I'm a male, so everyone's fine just because I got up first, and secondly, I put it in. Thirdly, it is a woman ' s problem - how to give me pleasure, and my pleasure is her pleasure. "

And it's not just a man's position. Women act like they're sexy only for people with a dick. Women's orgasm is a wedding for which you can tolerate.
We admit that there's a sex culture in our country somewhere on zero.

It was a great time in the 1990s, when the Pro This program came out, where people were told on TV about the most different sex, but now it was replaced by "Let's talk" with family junks.
People can't even have the most common sex, they're worried about something, and they don't have to, they can't feel trust in a partner, and they're all delaying, moving sex from the tenth date to the forty-eighth.

For women, sex, even random, is a deal. She's in a relationship, though imaginary.
Women still see sex as a stage in a relationship like a bridge from dating to marriage. Did she think the relationship was serious? O'kay, there's gonna be sex. Didn't pass the test? Well, we'll disinfect the chastity belt.
And if it burns so much that without sex, it's just death, a real modern woman is willing to enter into this humiliating relationship like no obligation.

I once had sex with one man, a sex friend of mine. I didn't know he was her friend. There was no hint. But then she almost ripped my head off. It's clear that she stopped dealing with me and him instantly.

But at least he knew they had sex like every three months.

What did I do?
The truth is, for women, sex, even random, is a deal. She can't just have a sex partner, she's in a relationship, even imaginary.
Where are the beautiful times when a friend met someone, had sex with him without expectations, and she could have asked permission to sleep with that guy, and then talk to her about how he did it? Or if a friend suffered without sex, she could say, "Well, here's Andrei, don't you want a threesome?

Russian women have a short break-up period - years to twenty-two, and then they see their husband in every guy. And all sex ends.
If they want men not to have sex, they want the ring and the oath, they have low sex demands.

Molly, let him do what he wants to marry. I don't care.
That's what men do. How many stories are that he's been whispering for five minutes, and then he's asleep, and she's gone quietly. And no man like that kicked his leg and didn't say she didn't get the pleasure that he was bad. No one criticizes because a " decent " woman doesn't make a scandal because of bad sex. Maybe he's getting married, huh?

I had one Spanish guy-- we met at the bar and then we went to his house. At some point, he was out of the grass, and he wasn't in shape. From my point of view, everything was very good, but the next day he sent me a million apologies, regrets and promises. He was so ashamed that he didn't show himself in all the greatness that he probably didn't give me what I expected. We met again, and it was a very intense date, because he did everything he could to compensate for his fiasco.

A lot of Russian women, by the way, are falling madly in love with Spanish people at first, and then they're mad at them, and they can't take it that it's not about great love, it's just stunning sex. A Russian girl seems to think that if a man is trying so hard, then he's in love with her, and he's already making the names of their kids.

And he just loves sex and loves making a woman happy. And as soon as she puts her hands in the glasses and says, " Well, where are the words of love, where is the offer? " , the Spanish is very surprised and trying to explain that it is only sex.
Spanish women taught their men to be great lovers. They're powerful, demanding, they're not shy and they know exactly what they want. It's probably for a middle Russian man, it all sounds like a description of a terrible feminist freak. And it's sad that a man sees a normal woman as a monster.
Our men and women don't have this exchange of views - each of them wants something of its own, and no one decides to admit it.
Women want good husbands (but willing to accept bad lovers) and men dream of a good mistress, but willing to have sex and convenience with a bad wife.
The fact that men are still afraid of normal women is that they need a loop that feeds a mother's milk housewife, but that men would like hot sex and no commitment. Really?

And as long as they're all set up under each other's swings and complexes, you know, not until sex. Too complicated and exhausting. I did, I did, I fell asleep, everything I could do.

I don't know how people live like that. I don't understand how difficult it is to treat sex, why you can't just do it and enjoy it. Why should all these security barriers be between a Russian man and a woman, why they need to adhere to clear gender boundaries, why they do not simply wish to enjoy proximity for the very sake of proximity.

♪ Let's meet at four, in the morning, I have a sport, and from two to about half a third, sex, it's an Israeli girlfriend.
She has two friends she has sex with from time to time, and some random guys. And that's fine for her. Who wants a commitment if there are so many hot people who can give you amazing sex? You enjoy your life because that's the point. Men and women just want to make each other happy.

If we forget all the sad prejudices, boring stereotyping and moral guidance from the nineteenth century, nothing makes a man so happy, happy, easy and careless, as beautiful sex with a partner who is fully open, who can use and use his own, and someone else's body, and who gets from it a pure, hopeless, untold pleasure.
Sex for sex. Have fun. Doesn't that sound fascinating?