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One of the myths criticized by doctors is the view that the depth and breadth of women ' s vagina depend on sexual activity: the more partners, the more it is. In fact, women are born with vaginas completely different in depth, which is the same nature as a male member, explains gynaecologists. Doctors deny the relationship between women ' s growth and the size of her vagina.

Of course, high-ranking women tend to have large numbers. However, even with an increase of 170 cm and above, the vagina may be small, women of low growth, vice versa. In the practice of gynaec obstetricians, less than 150 cm are known as " inchs " , where the depth of the vagina reaches 11 to 14 cm and, on the contrary, very high ladies with 6 to 8 cm.

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Dimensions of female vagariesDimensions of female vagaries Dimensions of female vagariesThe vagina, like a penis, can be calm, i.e. in a relaxed state, and excited. If the vagina is relaxed, its walls are sealed and the cervical cervical is closer to the entrance into the vagina.The cervical cervical woman is slightly raised up and moved deeper into the abdomen, so the vagina … More detailed...