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Елена Бородина7 years, 10 months

On the theme: After birth or abortion, the depth of the vagina may decrease somewhat.

It's because of the uterus. In addition, the smooth musculature of the vagina is relaxed, and it may appear that the vagina is significantly expanded (although the vagina grows slightly in diameter after delivery).

Therefore, no problems in intimate life after delivery should arise. However, if you are unsatisfactory about the size of the vagina, the situation can be corrected by the following means:

* You can squeeze the vagina muscles between 10 seconds. Such exercise should be carried out at least 10 times a day;

* See the Keguel methodology - special exercises for pelvis bodies that improve the tone of smooth muscle;

Intimate plastic is an operational intervention that reduces the diameter of the vagina. Consider that this is a last resort, and if you're comfortable with sex, you don't need to use this technique.

The small size of the vagina can deliver some discomfort during sex. A woman may suffer from sexual intercourse, and such sex will not be a pleasure. Some women with small vagina sizes may suffer from a condition such as vaginas, where the vagina muscles are squeezed and sexual contact becomes impossible. In such cases, a gynaecologist must be consulted.

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